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Paving the Way Forward: Intelsat, iStreamPlanet, Newtec and PSSI Global Services Demonstrate the Future of 4K UHDTV, HEVC Encoding and MultiScreen Dis

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April 10, 2015
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Intelsat S.A. (NYSE: I), the world’s leading provider of satellite services, along with iStreamPlanet, Newtec, and PSSI Global Services, LLC will demonstrate the evolution of true 4K UHDTV using HEVC compression and Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) with end-to-end video transmissions via satellite and the internet at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada during the 2015 NAB show. The demonstrations will take place at Intelsat’s booth located in the South Upper Hall, Booth SU3110.

At NAB, Intelsat will introduce IntelsatOne® Prism services, a new paradigm in media networking and content distribution, allowing customers to easily upgrade a legacy satellite-based network to a next generation, automated, hybrid, converged IP network. The team will demonstrate how media customers can manage multiple types of video content delivery and other IP applications in a single platform to optimize bandwidth and deliver high quality media content in a cost efficient, seamless manner, regardless of location.

The Evolution of True 4K UHDTV Distribution
4K UHDTV content provided by Discovery Communications will be transmitted from PSSI’s production vehicle located in Las Vegas. Using a playout server, a reference UHD HEVC Encoder and Newtec MDM6000 Satellite modem, the video feed will be uplinked in Ku-band to Galaxy 17, Intelsat’s premier sports and news contribution neighborhood, at 25 Mbps in a DVB-S2X modulated stream. The resulting 4:2:2, 10-bit 4K UHDTV signal at 60 frames per second stream will be downlinked and fed to the 4K UHDTV monitor in the Intelsat Booth (SU3110).

Maximum Flexibility – Simultaneous Content Distribution Network
Utilizing a similar configuration for the second live transmission, PSSI will uplink a 5 Mbps IP-based HD video stream to Intelsat’s Galaxy 17 satellite using Newtec’s efficient Mx-DMA return channel technology and an AVP3000 encoder, which will be downlinked at Intelsat’s teleport in Atlanta, Georgia and connected to the Newtec Dialog® 4IF hub, where the award-winning Newtec Dialog multiservice platform serves as the core of the IntelsatOne Prism services. The streaming will then be routed via the internet from Intelsat’s teleport to iStreamPlanet’s cloud-based Aventus® service for live media encoding, multiscreen packaging and publishing to the CDN. As the last step, the live streams will be delivered over the Internet to iPads for live viewing in the Intelsat stand.

IntelsatOne Prism will simultaneously coordinate several services and applications sharing the same space segment, while optimizing quality of service and offering simple, automated operations for customers. Leveraging the IntelsatOne Prism transmission management mechanisms and web user interface, the PSSI streams for both the 4K UHDTV and CDN demonstrations can also be controlled remotely and automatically via a laptop located in the Intelsat stand.

Supporting Quotes
Peter Ostapiuk, Head of Media Product Management, Intelsat, said: “As an industry, we have proven that we are ready to support the commercialization of 4K UHDTV. However, in order for 4K UHDTV to gain widespread adoption, media programmers need high quality content and the ability to distribute that content across multiple devices in a simple and cost efficient manner. Intelsat and its technical solutions partners will demonstrate that with IntelsatOne® Prism services — which are based on the Newtec Dialog platform combined with HEVC compression technology, PSSI’s mobile production and transmission facilities and iStreamPlanet’s live, multiscreen media processing — we can deliver an immersive viewing experience from any geographical location to any media channel and any device. In addition, IntelsatOne Prism provides media customers what they need the most, the ability to manage multiple types of video content delivery and other IP applications through a single platform so they can optimize their bandwidth usage and streamline their operations.”

“Today’s viewers expect a high quality video experience across all of their screens,” said Jennifer Baisch, Vice President of Marketing for iStreamPlanet. “iStreamPlanet is committed to teaming up with industry leaders such as Intelsat, combining technologies and services to provide reliable, scalable, end-to-end multiscreen solutions to meet the growing demand for live video, from any corner of the globe to any device.”

Thomas Van den Driessche, Chief Commercial Officer at Newtec, said: “The evolving 4K and content exchange ecosystem will benefit from the hybrid IntelsatOne Prism services showcased in these demonstrations at NAB Show 2015. With Newtec Dialog at the core of IntelsatOne Prism, we are pleased to play a key role in providing a flexible, scalable and efficient solution. The Newtec Dialog platform, with its multiservice broadcast applications, demonstrates the capabilities of distribution and contribution of 4K content, both live and non-linear. It is equipped with the most efficient, open transmission scheme for that purpose – DVB-S2X – as well as the patented and award-winning Mx-DMA technology, which provides the optimal contribution back to the studios.”

“The combination of PSSI and IntelsatOne Prism will enable us to mobilize and deliver a powerful combination of data connectivity, media processing and digital content delivery on a single platform,” stated PSSI Chief Executive Officer Rob Lamb. “PSSI satellite trucks can operate as a mobile media gateway providing direct access to a complete range of multimedia services that can be rapidly provisioned through our fleet and scaled on-demand. Our new capabilities solve first and last mile connectivity challenges and sourcing variables by bringing the network on location. From data connectivity to 4K UHDTV distribution to video backhaul, we can now provide our customers with a single access point into a global satellite and terrestrial fiber and IP network. These initiatives augment what is already the largest and most versatile fleet of satellite uplink trucks, flyaway units and production/uplink hybrids in the industry. PSSI/Strategic Television is proud to be at the forefront of full-service, point-to-point-and-multipoint transmission and communication platforms for our domestic and international clients.”

NAB Show attendees are invited to join a guided presentation demonstrating the capabilities of the 4K UHDTV and content exchange ecosystem partners. This will take place at the Intelsat Stand at SU 3110 on Tuesday, 14 April at 11:00 a.m. PDT (UTC/GMT-7).

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About Intelsat
Intelsat S.A. (NYSE: I) is the world’s leading provider of satellite services, delivering high performance connectivity solutions for media, fixed and mobile broadband infrastructure, enterprise and government and military applications for more than 50 years. Intelsat’s satellite, teleport and fiber infrastructure is unmatched in the industry, setting the standard for transmissions of video and broadband services. From the globalization of content and the proliferation of HD, to the expansion of cellular networks and mobile broadband access, with Intelsat, envision your future network, connect using our leading satellite technology and transform your opportunities. Envision…Connect…Transform…with Intelsat. For more information, visit

About IStream Planet
iStreamPlanet, the leader in live, simplifies live video streaming to multiple screens. iStreamPlanet is changing the way live streaming is done with the launch of Aventus, a cloud and software-based, live video streaming solution for premium content providers. iStreamPlanet’s innovative approach has been chosen by the world’s leading sports, entertainment, and technology brands, including NBC Sports, Turner Broadcasting, Fox, AT&T, and Microsoft, to bring live, online video to connected audiences around the world. Founded in 2000, the privately held company is headquartered in Las Vegas with a software development center in Redmond, WA.

About Newtec
Newtec,, is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing equipment and technologies for satellite communications. As a pioneer in the industry, Newtec is dedicated to creating new possibilities for the broadcast, IP trunking and backhauling, consumer and enterprise VSAT and government and defense markets. Our products and technologies can be applied in a wide range of applications from DTH broadcasting, video contribution and distribution and disaster recovery and backbones for backhauling, to small and medium enterprises, SCADA networks, manned and unmanned aircrafts, border control and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR). For over 30 years, our dedicated team of specialists has set industry standards with the most efficient, scalable and economical technology solutions. New challenges and customer needs offer opportunities to explore new boundaries. This empowers us to work even harder, helping customers to perform their best so that, together, we can make the world a safer, more informed and connected place. As a result, more than 3 billion people watch TV every day thanks to Newtec technology. Newtec is a European company founded in 1985. Through commercial offices in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium), Dubai (UAE), Singapore, Beijing (China), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Stamford, CT (USA) as well as an extensive network of over 100 certified partners, Newtec can meet customer’s needs worldwide.

About PSSI Global Services
PSSI Global Services, LLC is a full service satellite communications and video production company specializing in the mission critical delivery of live content around the world. We operate a fleet of over 40 state-of-the-art C and Ku-Band satellite uplink and production trucks, transportable HD fiber-encoding packages, portable flyaway uplinks as well as downlink and communication facilities supported by 66 integrated redundant MPEG 4 HD systems. Along with these resources, PSSI/Strategic Television brings over 30 years of experience managing and transmitting live major sporting, entertainment, and corporate events highlighted by visionary multi-path and multiplexing digital remote transmission capabilities servicing both domestic and international markets.

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