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PanAmSat Launches New Global Two-Way SPOTbytes Internet Backbone Via Satellite

By SpaceRef Editor
September 14, 2001
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AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, September 14, 2001 — PanAmSat Corporation (NASDAQ:
SPOT) today launched its new SPOTbytes two-way service, offering flexible,
cost-effective Internet access over the company’s global satellite network.
The new service offers PanAmSat customers a total connectivity solution,
including a digital video broadcast (DVB) outbound satellite link, a
single-channel-per-carrier (SCPC) return satellite link, a teleport uplink
and a direct connection to a Tier One backbone provider.

The company also announced that Nigeria’s COSMOS is the first Internet
service provider (ISP) to take advantage of the two-way SPOTbytes platform.
The high-speed, two-way service was created by providing an asymmetric
satellite link to the U.S. Internet backbone employing the company’s PAS-1R
Atlantic Ocean Region spacecraft and Atlanta teleport as well as Radyne
ComStream’s IPSat Internet Satellite Terminal. With the two-way service in
place, COSMOS effectively becomes the largest bandwidth provider in West
Africa, with plans to provide Internet access to as many ISPs and corporate
organizations as possible throughout Nigeria.

Radyne ComStream’s IPSat products provide broadband 2 way TCP/IP
communication over satellite. A compact single indoor box provides users
with up to 72Mbps of DVB compliant downstream data and up to 2Mbps of return
data. IPSat also includes built-in MPEG audio and video decoding. Radyne
ComStream’s IPSat solution is a cost-effective way of providing connection
speeds that surpass T1, DSL and Cable connections.

“The DVB technology has been so successful that all our SPOTbytes services
now will employ the DVB platform. With the new global service and PanAmSat’s
relationships with hardware providers such as Radyne ComStream, SPOTbytes
offers the most reliable and highest quality backbone access anywhere in the
world,” said Paul Kosac, PanAmSat’s vice president, digital services.
“Customers can design their own networks by using the hybrid one-way
service, which complements and enhances their terrestrial services, or the
new two-way platform, which offers instant Internet infrastructure where
terrestrial networks are unavailable, unreliable or too expensive.”

“This service is incredibly cost-effective for Africa and provides essential
telecommunications connectivity to areas far-removed from cable or fiber
networks,” said Steve Rich, PanAmSat’s managing director for Africa.
“Through services like SPOTbytes, tailored to the needs of ISPs and
businesses throughout Africa, we hope to advance the continent’s Internet
infrastructure and the development of high-speed communications services.”

“We are happy to work with PanAmSat on this project in helping African
countries to further remove the digital divide. Nigeria’s Internet industry
will never be the same again, especially being the fastest growing economy
on the African Continent,” said Tunji Martins, Executive Director of COSMOS.

Service Features

SPOTbytes delivers Internet traffic in a DVB transport stream, offering low
startup and recurring costs, flexible and scalable bandwidth, as well as
support for multiple points of presence (POPs). The service includes
satellite capacity, teleport uplink services and Internet port access to
multiple Tier One Internet backbone providers. Utilizing PanAmSat’s global
satellite network and a carrier-class system architecture, SPOTbytes offers
unparalleled versatility and cost-efficiency for ISPs and enterprises with
diverse Internet access requirements.

SPOTbytes highlights include:

Scalable bandwidth ranging from rates as small as 64 Kilobits per second
(Kbps) up to 48 Megabits per second (Mbps).

Support for multiple POPs, segmenting total bandwidth allocation between
receive sites, each with the capability for dynamic allocation depending on
bandwidth requirements.

Low cost, easy-to-integrate equipment

Twenty-four hour Technical Support Call Center

Fully redundant infrastructure

About Radyne ComStream

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