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OlympuSAT’s Multiple and Top Linear Programming Reaches U.S. Cable, Satellite and Video Providers via Intelsat’s Galaxy 23

By SpaceRef Editor
August 13, 2008
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Intelsat, Ltd., the world’s leading provider of commercial satellite services, announced that OlympuSAT, a multimedia company, turnkey service provider and distributor, signed a multi-year, multi-transponder deal with Intelsat to continue to distribute its bouquet of programming to millions of U.S. cable, satellite and other video providers.

Under the terms of the contract, OlympuSAT has renewed and expanded its capacity on Intelsat’s Galaxy 23 satellite located at 121 degrees West. Strategically positioned in the middle of the North American Cable Arc, Galaxy 23 is part of Intelsat’s industry-leading Galaxy Neighborhood, which serves nearly 8,000 cable headends. Three areas of programming available from OlympuSAT include: Spanish language, faith and families and top independent networks like FUNimation, the nation’s leading anime service.

“Over the years, Intelsat has provided us the ideal satellite, Galaxy 23, which serves our affiliates well. We are pleased to be both extending our current relationship and expanding with additional capacity,” said Tom Mohler, President, OlympuSAT. “OlympuSAT will continue to deliver top programming options to the video provider industry through a combination of standard and high definition linear programming in our core categories and through more top network additions.”

“One of the biggest trends in programming is the need to distribute regional programming internationally. Intelsat’s global network provides a single, efficient platform for distribution into valuable video neighborhoods around the world,” said Kurt Riegelman, Intelsat’s Senior Vice President, Global Sales. “With respect to North America, Intelsat’s Galaxy satellites offer seamless and effective transmissions allowing our customers to quickly expand into the highly-competitive U.S. cable and satellite market.” About OlympuSAT, Inc.

OlympuSAT, Inc. is a multi-media entertainment company. OlympuSAT is a distributor of independently owned and operated digital networks on individual transponder platforms and currently represents more than two dozen diverse channels through their Hispanic, Digital I and Faith & Families Packs. A turnkey service provider, OlympuSAT facilitates technical satellite related services along with affiliate sale services. Additional services provided to networks include as needed, master control, advertising sales and traffic and billing services. The OlympuSAT suites are distributed via Galaxy 23. An affiliate of Ocean Communications, OlympuSAT is based in West Palm Beach Florida, serving homes nationwide. About Intelsat

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