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Ohio Aerospace Day Highlights State’s Global Leadership in Aerospace and Aviation

By SpaceRef Editor
March 9, 2011
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March 10 event celebrates Ohio’s historic strengths and goals for future industry success

Success in the aerospace and aviation industry means having balanced access to cutting-edge technologies and the ability to build and deliver the high-tech parts, instruments and devices that fuel the industry. Industry trends show an increasing market in aerospace technology both domestically and globally. As this growth continues, businesses need an ideal environment that combines a business-friendly climate, deep industry knowledge base, a well-educated workforce, dedicated universities and research institutions, and most importantly a strong supply chain to get products to market.

Ohio delivers on its promise to be this ideal environment. Ohio’s aerospace and aviation industry is the nation’s leader in advanced propulsion and power technology. Ohio boasts more than 1,000 private companies, more than 100,000 workers, two federal laboratories, a network of higher education institutions and numerous nonprofit organizations engaged in the aerospace industry, well positioning the state to take advantage of the market growth.

As the state celebrates is third annual Ohio Aerospace Day on March 10, its goal is to celebrate the achievements of the state’s aerospace industry, while increasing the awareness of the importance of this industry and its ability for the state’s future economic growth.

“Ohio is the birthplace, home and future of aerospace. We are a leader in the aerospace industry. We are an intellectual leader, a leader in science and technology, R&D, supply chain, and we need to ensure that we remain a leader in order to protect and grow jobs in the aerospace industry in Ohio,” said Michael Heil, president and CEO of the Ohio Aerospace Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building Ohio’s aerospace economy.

Ohio and its network of aerospace industry businesses now face greater competition not just domestically, but from around the globe. As market growth continues, global companies look for whoever can manufacture and deliver the parts and supplies in the most cost-efficient and time-effective way.

In February, Dale Carlson, manager of advanced engine systems for GE Aviation, the world’s largest jet engine maker, appeared on ONN-TV’s “Ohio Means Business” program. There, he summed up Ohio’s challenge as a global race for business, “You are in a global competition with everyone out there, and they all want what you have,” he said. “There are states that are very aggressive in their R&D taxing policies to attract jobs. In Ohio we have to stay competitive. We have to compete year in and year out to keep these treasures that we have.”

As the birthplace of aviation, Ohio’s aerospace and aviation industry covers a complete spectrum of advanced propulsion technologies for all aerospace vehicle types (aircraft, rockets and spacecraft) both military and commercial. Ohio’s network of suppliers draws in billions of dollars annually from global companies like Boeing and Airbus.

Ohio also is home to some of the world’s largest aerospace and aviation industry businesses including GE Aviation, Boeing, Parker-Hannifin, Goodrich and Timken, just to name a few. In addition, Ohio also is home to a world-class research environment that includes two dedicated federal aerospace laboratories – Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton and NASA Glenn in Cleveland – and ten aerospace related doctoral programs at Ohio universities. Graduates of these institutions provide a cluster of highly skilled and educated workers.

Ohio’s aerospace jobs rank 1st among the 12 comparable states in private sector aerospace and defense manufacturing value-added, nearly double the national average. More than 66,000 specialized aerospace and aviation workers–double the national average–provide Ohio with an abundant pool of professionals to effectively meet industry needs.

According to David Joyce, president and CEO of GE Aviation, Ohio’s talented aerospace workforce is why the company calls Ohio home.

“Ohio is home to some of the best and brightest talent in the aerospace industry, and we are very gratified by the growing partnership between Ohio and GE Aviation,” Joyce said. Aerospace companies located in Ohio also benefit from Ohio’s central location supported by a world-class logistics infrastructure, easy access to markets and supply chains, a highly skilled workforce, and public-private sector leadership.

Ohio is within 600 miles of 60 percent of the U.S. and Canadian population and is within a one-day drive of 70 percent of North America’s manufacturing capacity. The state’s central location and world-class logistics capabilities help companies reduce operating costs by getting components and finished goods quickly to their destination anywhere in the U.S. or around the globe.

Understanding today’s global economy, Ohio lawmakers dramatically revamped the state’s tax structure, creating the lowest rates in the Midwest and an extremely profit-friendly business climate for companies that locate in the state. In fact, Ohio ranks fifth in the nation in the number of headquarters for Fortune 500 companies and is home to 61 of the Fortune 1000.

“Ohio has proactively redesigned its business climate to support a leading 21st century global economy,” said Ed Burghard, executive director of the Ohio Business Development Coalition, the nonprofit organization that markets the state for capital investment. “Strategic tax reform and economic development incentives encourage global success and make the state an ideal location to profitably compete in the global marketplace.”

The advantages Ohio offers positions the state as an international leader for business success in the 21st century global marketplace. Companies continue to discover the benefits of investing in Ohio, finding a preferred location for capital investment, a competitive business environment and a perfect balance between business pursuits and personal aspirations.

“Ohio’s success is not solely dependent on the strength of its business advantages. It’s about Ohio’s promise of work-life balance,” added Burghard. “Low-cost, low-stress communities and short commutes create the State of Perfect Balance, where you can achieve both professional and personal success without sacrificing one for the other.”

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