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O3b and HTS: Dawn of a New Era in Wireless Backhaul via Satellite

By SpaceRef Editor
June 24, 2013
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NSR’s just released Wireless Backhaul via Satellite, 7th Edition report finds the industry at the cusp of an evolutionary step. The impending launch of O3b and global HTS program deployments are leading the industry to dramatic and long term change with a strong potential for industry revenue to hit $2.9 billion by 2022, growing more than three-fold from today’s $830+ million revenue base.

The long awaited launch of O3b will have an immediate and substantial impact on the industry. Rural and underserved areas have dealt with the limited options of 2G or 2.5G services for basic voice, SMS and Internet access services for years. And not surprisingly, low mobile penetration levels go along with the delayed technological growth. “With O3b, rural markets will now enjoy 3G and eventually 4G services that curb the widening Digital Divide,” according to report author and NSR Senior Analyst, Jose Del Rosario.

New HTS programs are on the horizon, specifically Intelsat’s EPIC and Inmarsat’s GlobalXpress. Both have either global or region-specific footprints to support Fixed Land-based Towers and Mobility Platforms on land, air and sea. “Innovation, risk-taking and competition will transform not only the industry’s financial prospects, but improve the quality of life for millions of individuals and communities,” Del Rosario notes.

Wireless Backhaul via Satellite, 7th Edition outlines the industry’s future landscape in terms of the market’s evolution from current solutions to next-generation programs as well as opportunities presented by the market shift. WBS7 provides an expert view into the turning point in a complex market that could leave the unprepared out of the running.

About the Report

In its 7th Edition, NSR’s annual report continues industry-leading tracking and analysis of the Wireless Backhaul via Satellite market. With more added value and unique analysis than ever before, the report provides a complete and comprehensive analysis of addressable markets, demand trends for the WBS market today, covering 10 regions and forecasting of equipment, transponder and bandwidth demand as well as the new HTS capacity, O3b and Wideband Ka-band in the satellite Fixed Land Tower and Mobility Platforms for the period 2012-2022. Wireless Backhaul via Satellite, 7th Edition is a multi-client report now available from NSR. For additional information on this report, including a full table of contents, list of exhibits and executive summary, please visit or call NSR at 617-576-5771.

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