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NSS Congratulates SpaceX on a Magnificent First Launch of Falcon 9

By SpaceRef Editor
June 4, 2010
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The National Space Society (NSS) congratulates Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) on a successful first launch of their Falcon 9 rocket.

The launch payload for this test flight was the aerodynamic test article for the Dragon cargo and crew module.

Gary Barnhard, Executive Director of the National Space Society, said, “This is another milestone in the annals of spaceflight. By successfully launching a multi-engine, multi-stage rocket of their own design and manufacture with a payload to Low Earth Orbit, SpaceX has taken a bold step forward. Make no mistake about it, building rockets is not a forgiving business. Their successful flight is a testament to SpaceX’s concerted efforts to get it right. The eyes of the world were on them and they did get it right.”

The months and years to come will see the burgeoning use of multiple families of new launch vehicles — the Falcon 9 among them — for cargo transportation and, in time, crew transportation. This is necessarily integral to expanding our economic sphere — indeed our civilization — into the solar system.

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Gary Barnhard, Executive Director
Phone: (202) 429-1600
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