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NSBRI Joins the Conrad Foundation to Provide a Very Special Award

By SpaceRef Editor
October 22, 2009
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NSBRI, the National Space Biomedical Research Institute, is joining the Conrad Foundation to provide a special award for the Spirit of Innovation Awards. At next year’s Spirit of Innovation Awards the, “National Space Biomedical Research Institute Prize for Innovation in Space Exploration Health Care,” will award one team with the best aerospace-related human health product with a $5,000 grant for the continued research and development of their product. In addition to this special award, NSBRI will help 5 finalist teams in the Aerospace Exploration category travel to Sunnyvale, California to participate in the 2010 Spirit of Innovation Awards.

NSBRI is a leading research organization addressing space exploration-related health issues. Its science and technology projects develop countermeasures to health-related problems and the physical and physiological challenges men and women face on long-duration space missions. As a pioneer in educating students about aerospace exploration, the Conrad Foundation is naturally concerned with the potential adverse health effects of space and aerospace exploration. Therefore we are extremely proud to offer NSBRI’s expertise both to our advisors and students participating in the Spirit of Innovation Awards.

Students and Advisors considering the Aerospace Exploration category of the Spirit of Innovation Awards need only look to NSBRI’s recent accomplishments for inspiration. Among the groundbreaking innovations NSBRI has contributed to space exploration, and the scientific community at large, are noninvasive, wearable biosensors that will enable astronauts to monitor their own life-support status, a bone density sensor that will allow astronauts to prevent bone loss during long-term missions, and an optimized lighting system that will help astronauts regulate their sleeping patterns while in space.

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