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NovaWurks Founder Talbot Jaeger to Attend Global Space Congress

By SpaceRef Editor
January 26, 2017
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NovaWurks™ Inc., a provider of high technology space products and services, announced today that Talbot Jaeger, founder and chief technology officer at NovaWurks, will be conducting in-person, private meetings with global space industry leaders at the upcoming Global Space Congress (GSC) on Tuesday, January 31, and Wednesday, February 1. Jaeger, accompanied by David Barnhart, CEO of Arkisys, Inc., will be sharing their vision of the future of NovaWurks’ Hyper-Integrated Satlet (HISat™) spacecraft and space structures that enable agencies, businesses and entrepreneurs to affordably and quickly move to the forefront of the NewSpace market.

“Our meetings at the GSC are intended to introduce space industry and agency thought leaders to the limitless applications available through the implementation of the HISat™ platform for both spacecraft and space structures,” said Jaeger.

In those meetings, Jaeger will be sharing the extraordinary list of “firsts” that NovaWurks has achieved thus far in the development and deployment of HISat-based technologies. Among those accomplishments is the first satlet-based satellite approved for assembly on the International Space Station (ISS).

Held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, the Global Space Congress is an exclusive, strategic gathering of global space industry leaders including Heads of Space Agencies, C-Level executives from leading space and aerospace companies, government ministries, top researchers and academics. The GSC enables collaborative development and the implementation of core space and satellite technology strategies, bringing global and regional economic benefits.

NovaWurks’ HISats, a space-proven technology, provides a foundation for building safe, rapid and cost-effective solutions. With each HISat containing all of the functional capabilities of an autonomous satellite, and the flexibility to conform to the shape or capability requirements of any payload, the HISat-based cellular architecture is flexible for a variety of mission purposes.

For more detail on HISat technology, and a full list of HISat “firsts,” or to schedule a meeting with Talbot Jaeger while at Global Space Congress visit here.

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