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Nova Space Releases New Professional Development Program Courses At The 37th Space Symposium

By SpaceRef Editor
April 5, 2022
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Pure Capital Solutions (OTC:PCST) is pleased to announce its subsidiary, Nova Space Inc. ( has released  a new set of courses, dramatically expanding its product catalog in concert with the 37th Space Symposium. These four new short courses meet a serious market need to onboard and upskill professionals in the space economy with a range of foundational skillsets.

Nova Space Inc.’s development team has also invested in new technology as part of its expanded course catalog, which provides new economies of scale for the release of advanced courses later this year.

As compared to training that utilizes methods such video lectures and click through slide presentations, Nova Space takes a much different approach focused on practical application of knowledge. Building on previous successes, these new courses continue to follow the award-winning Context, Challenge, Activity, Feedback (CCAF) learning design model founded by digital learning expert Dr. Michael Allen. By using this approach, Nova Space has developed courses designed to be an immersive learning experience, allowing students to explore and practice skills and behaviors they will be expected to demonstrate within their careers.

Nova Space COO, Christopher Allen explains, “today’s professionals, regardless of industry, are facing the need to learn and adopt new skills faster than ever before. For employees to succeed outside of training, their learning journey needs to incorporate safe and challenging opportunities to practice new skills. By using CCAF as our design methodology, Nova Space students know that their time is being spent in learning experiences that are backed by science and trusted by over 300 of today’s Fortune 500 organizations to improve performance.”

Nova Space is already well-known for its signature space professional development programs, designed to support the growth of space industry professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders, commercial companies and governmental organizations. The founders of the company have more than five decades of combined experience in space operations, astronautics, and custom learning development in both commercial and government settings.

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