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Northrop Grumman’s New ECOS Program Strives to Solve Climate Crisis

By SpaceRef Editor
August 18, 2008
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There are nearly 100 observational satellites in Earth’s orbit. Some provide data on tomorrow’s weather and others track long-term environmental trends. These satellites produce data that is essential to scientists, the military and industries that are directly and indirectly affected by weather and climate. Now, Northrop Gruman hopes to add more to the skies in order to provide solutions for the ongoing climate crisis.

To announce its commitment to help solve ongoing environmental issues, Northrop Grumman Space Technology president Alexis Livanos and California Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi recently unveiled the Environmental Center for Observation Systems or “ECOS.”

A satellite monitoring facility named after the Greek word for “home”, ECOS will be the center for the space systems product line developed to provide advanced climate solutions and find answers to the daunting environmental issues facing our society.

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