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Nominations Sought for 2006 Space Technology Hall of Fame

By SpaceRef Editor
May 5, 2005
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The Space Foundation has received a number of excellent nominations for “down to Earth” technologies to be considered for induction into the Space Technology Hall of Fame. Organizations and individuals are encouraged to submit nominations on or before July 1, 2005, to allow for the rigorous due diligence process that leads to the selection of the 2006 class of Hall of Fame technologies.

The Space Technology Hall of Fame, managed by the Space Foundation in partnership with NASA, enters its 18th year of honoring the innovators who transform space-based technology into commercial products and services that improve life on Earth. The program also serves to increase public awareness of the benefits of space technology, and encourage further innovation.

The result of successful NASA and private industry research and development efforts, four new technologies were inducted in 2005: The InnerVue Diagnostic Scope System, Outlast Smart Fabric Technology, NanoCeram Superfilters, and Portable Hyperspectral Imaging Systems. Representatives from seven key innovating organizations as well as 23 innovating individuals were honored at a private induction ceremony and a special awards dinner during the 21st National Space Symposium. More than 6,500 registrants, guests, speakers, exhibitors and media attended the 21st National Space Symposium. Hosted by the Space Foundation, the symposium is the premier annual space industry conference anywhere in the world.

Space Foundation President and Chief Executive Officer Elliot G. Pulham said, “These technologies are great examples of why what we do in space matters on Earth.” “As we turn our eyes toward the stars, it is important to remember the life-saving and life-enhancing technologies that space exploration brings back to Earth,” said NASA Acting Administrator Frederick Gregory. “The inductees are great examples of how the exploration of space builds value for people on Earth,” added Gregory.

Technologies and innovators selected for induction will be recognized during special awards ceremonies at the highly anticipated 22nd National Space Symposium, scheduled April 3-6, 2006.

Supporting information for each nomination submitted will be reviewed for completeness, assessed by technical experts and ranked by a prestigious panel of judges according to the following criteria:

  • Economic Benefit (10 points)
  • Public Awareness Factor (15 points)
  • Societal Benefit Factor (15 points)
  • Longevity (5 points)
  • Public/Private/Partnership Investment (5 points)

For more information and a nomination form, please visit or call the Foundation at 1-800-691-4000.

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