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Nippon TV Successfully Carries Out World’s First DVB-S2X 256APSK Transmission Using Newtec Technology

By SpaceRef Editor
March 2, 2015
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The world’s first DVB-S2X 256APSK satellite transmission has been successfully completed by Japan-based Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV) with Newtec technology.

Performed on November 1, 2014, the trial campaign saw Nippon TV transmit 5MHz bandwidth with a 256APSK carrier from a Satellite News Gathering (SNG) truck to the Superbird-B2 satellite. The transmission was successfully received at the headquarters of Nippon TV in Minato, Tokyo.

The test follows Nippon TV’s interest in the new DVB-S2X modulation standard for its next-generation video network over Japan. Considering the benefit of the 5% Roll Off (RO) technology that saves satellite bandwidth, Nippon TV wanted to establish the feasibility of using this higher modulation and the associated challenges. Putting the DVB-S2X 256APSK to the test, the team used Newtec’s MDM6100 Broadcast Satellite Modem and 5MHZ bandwidth on a JSAT transponder. This is the same amount of bandwidth required for Nippon TV’s next-generation video network. 25Mbps was transmitted from the SNG using a 1.4m antenna, which was received on a 5m dish at the TV station.

“Knowing that DVB-S2X can reduce satellite bandwidth with its 5% roll off technology, we wanted to test DVB-S2X 256APSK modulation on an actual satellite because it requires higher quality and link margin, which could have been a challenge for us. Following the trial, I am confident of the Superbird-B2 satellite’s ability to accommodate this modulation,” said Mr. Tetsuo Makino, Director of Engineering Technical Strategy Group at Nippon TV.

For the trial, Nippon TV teamed up with MOUBIC and JSAT. MOUBIC is a Satcom and broadcast equipment provider in Japan and a long term Newtec partner. Newtec is a specialist in satellite communications system design and integration, as well as one of the main driving forces behind the DVB-S2X standard.

“The new DVB extension, called DVB-S2X, with improved efficiency, will enable the satellite industry to increase profitability and allow for business growth throughout all applications, from high-speed IP to broadcast,” said Dirk Breynaert, Newtec’s CTO and Co-founder.

DVB-S2X boosts the satellite link up to 20% in Direct-To-Home (DTH) networks and up to 51% in other professional applications compared to DVB-S2. It does this through a combination of innovative technologies, including lower roll offs, advanced filter technologies, Modulation and Coding (MODCOD) and Forward Error Correction (FEC) upgrades, wideband implementation and additional standard scrambling sequences. It is available on all Newtec products as a software upgrade.


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About the Newtec MDM6100 Broadcast Satellite Modem
The Newtec MDM6100 Broadcast Satellite Modem R2.6 is the next generation modem, modulator and demodulator (DVB-S; DVB-DSNG; DVB-S2, DVB-S2X). As a modulator it is best suited for DTH, primary distribution to head-ends and contribution of television and radio content. It features the enhanced Automated Equalink® pre-distortion technology, which provides up to 10% bandwidth gains in DTH applications. Clean Channel Technology® further improves satellite efficiency by up to 15%.

About Newtec
Newtec,, is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing equipment and technologies for satellite communications. As a pioneer in the industry, Newtec is dedicated to creating new possibilities for the broadcast, IP trunking and backhauling, consumer and enterprise VSAT and government and defense markets. Our products and technologies can be applied in a wide range of applications from DTH broadcasting, video contribution and distribution and disaster recovery and backbones for backhauling, to small and medium enterprises, SCADA networks, manned and unmanned aircrafts, border control and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR).

For over 30 years, our dedicated team of specialists has set industry standards with the most efficient, scalable and economical technology solutions. New challenges and customer needs offer opportunities to explore new boundaries. This empowers us to work even harder, helping customers to perform their best so that, together, we can make the world a safer, more informed and connected place. As a result, more than 3 billion people watch TV every day thanks to Newtec technology.

Newtec is a European company founded in 1985. Through commercial offices in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium), Dubai (UAE), Singapore, Beijing (China), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Stamford, CT (USA) as well as an extensive network of over 100 certified partners, Newtec can meet customer’s needs worldwide.

About Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV)
Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV, is Japan’s number one rated broadcaster, having won the Triple Crown title for the entire year of 2014 by topping the charts in the All Day, Prime Time, and Golden Time categories. Since becoming Japan’s first commercial broadcaster in August 1953, Nippon TV has come to be known as the country’s finest producer and broadcaster of all genres of programs ranging from news, documentaries, sports, dramas, entertainment shows to animation. One of the biggest successes for Nippon TV is its format Dragons’ Den. To date, the format has been sold in 27 countries. Nippon TV also has a wide variety of group companies that deal with movies, animation, events, TV shopping, and merchandising.

About JSAT
SKY Perfect JSAT,, is the leading satellite operator in the Asia-Pacific region and provides high-quality satellite communications to its customers. With a fleet of 16 satellites, we offer a wide range of services including video distribution, data transfer communications and back-up service capabilities in Asia, Russia, Oceania, Middle East and North America. We also operate the largest Direct-to-Home satellite broadcasting platform, “SKY PerfecTV!”, in Japan which provides over 350 channels to around 3.8 million households.

The merger of JSAT Corporation, SKY Perfect Communications, Inc., and Space Communications Corporation in October 2008 has resulted in the creation of SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, the core operating company of the SKY Perfect JSAT Group.

MOUBIC,, is a system integrator for digital broadcast and satellite communication. Additionally, as an independent SNG service provider in Japan, MOUBIC offers HD and 4K live transmissions using Newtec’s M6100/MDM6100 DVB-S2X modems to e.g. equip new SNG trucks.

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