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Nine Satellites in exactEarth’s Real-Time Constellation Now in Service

By SpaceRef Editor
August 29, 2017
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As of today, exactEarth, in partnership with Harris Corporation, is bringing five more satellites from our ever-growing real-time (RT) constellation into service. These additional satellites will raise the total to nine in our real-time system that have been successfully incorporated into exactEarth services.

Combined with our first-generation satellites, we are proud to be operating the largest satellite AIS constellation in the world. Eight more real-time satellites are set to launch with Iridium NEXT on October 4th as we continue to add to our revolutionary 2nd generation system.

Representing a brand-new capability for the global maritime industry, exactEarth effectively tracks more than 250,000 vessels worldwide.

When fully-deployed, the exactEarth system will consist of more than 70 payloads delivering actionable data in mere seconds and will enable significant advances in maritime safety, security and efficiency.

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SpaceRef staff editor.