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Next Generation COSPAS-SARSAT Medium Earth Orbit Satellite Ground System – MEOSAR

By SpaceRef Editor
April 18, 2011
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Techno-Sciences, Inc. (TSi) today announced the immediate worldwide availability of its new MEOSAR ground system for search and rescue; the only MEOSAR ground station on the market today that is guaranteed to meet COSPAS-SARSAT program requirements. The world’s first operational MEOSAR system, TSi MEOSAR R2.0, will be deployed at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) during summer 2011. “With the release of its MEOSAR solution, Techno-Sciences is pleased to contribute to the vital COSPAS-SARSAT program that has helped to save more than 28,000 people,” said Jean-Luc Abaziou, Chief Executive Officer of TSi. “This new generation of Medium Earth Orbit Satellite technology will allow participating countries to enhance their ability to detect and locate people in distress situations faster and more accurately.”

For over 25 years, TSi has been an industry leader in providing COSPAS-SARSAT technology and support services. TSi systems are in continuous operation in 20 countries worldwide. As the COSPAS-SARSAT program transitions from the existing LEO/GEO based systems to the next generation MEOSAR system, TSi’s key role in the research and development of state-of-the-art Search and Rescue systems has continued with its development of the world’s first prototype MEOLUT, which successfully passed NASA’s Proof-of-Concept testing in January 2009. That success was recognized by NOAA which selected TSi in a competitive procurement to provide the U.S. its first operational ready MEOLUT to be installed in Hawaii.

TSi’s first generation MEOLUT deployed at NASA has proven the feasibility of several key features that make the MEOSAR system clearly superior to the current LEO/GEO SARSAT system. Most importantly, the NASA experiments have proven the capability of the TSi MEOLUT to achieve timely and accurate locations of distress beacons using only 4 antennas operating as a stand-alone system. Testing has demonstrated that the TSi MEOLUT can consistently produce highly accurate locations from just a single half-second beacon transmission relayed through only 3 or 4 satellites, a capability that no other MEOLUT system on the market has achieved. Results from NASA testing have also proven that location accuracy improvement is possible when data from a few minutes of a beacon’s transmission are combined into a single location solution, and have demonstrated the ability to enhance location performance by combining additional data from another MEOLUT. Lessons learned from the NASA system have allowed TSi to incorporate all these features and enhancements in the current generation TSi MEOSAR R2.0 release.

About Techno-Sciences, Inc.

Techno-Sciences, Inc. (TSi) is an advanced technology company specializing in maritime safety and security systems. TSi leverages 35 years of experience with hardware and software engineering to deliver integrated maritime operations and information management solutions through TSi-SARSAT Satellite Aided Search and Rescue Ground Systems and TSi-Trident Integrated Maritime Surveillance Systems for complete Maritime Domain Awareness. TSi systems are sold worldwide and supported 24/7/365.

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