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New NASA Glenn Visitor Center Galleries Unveiled at Great Lakes Science Center

By SpaceRef Editor
April 4, 2013
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CLEVELAND – A step inside the new galleries of the NASA Glenn Visitor Center located in the Great Lakes Science Center will launch visitors on a journey of human exploration.

These galleries highlight the risks and triumphs of human space travel, including the challenges of living and working in space. They also provide a glimpse into the role research has in preparing for longer space journeys.

The official public opening of the new NASA Glenn Visitor Center galleries is Saturday, April 6. A special “Space Saturday Celebration” will take place that day to celebrate the opening with special guests, including retired NASA astronaut and native Clevelander Don Thomas, hands-on activities and giveaways. There will be free general admission for youth up to 12 years of age.

“We are pleased to be in partnership with Great Lakes Science Center and with how hard they worked to create these amazing new NASA galleries,” said NASA Glenn Research Center Director Jim Free. “We believe families interacting at the NASA Glenn Visitor Center will be inspired by what they can see and do, to realize the importance of aeronautics research, scientific discovery and space exploration.”

“Several years ago, we became the home of the NASA Glenn Visitor Center and immediately met our objective to increase the attendance of the Visitor Center and the awareness of NASA Glenn within the community,” Says Paul Dolan, board chair, Great Lakes Science Center. “We have been working closely with NASA Glenn Research Center throughout the renovation process to make sure we not only program the Visitor Center, but also to develop interactive exhibits around these amazing artifacts featured in our new galleries to tell the immersive story of going to space: getting there, living there and returning home safely.”

An impressive collection of NASA artifacts will be housed within the galleries. They include the Apollo Command Module used during the 1973 Skylab 3 Mission, a moon rock from the Apollo 15 moon mission in 1971, and an airbag landing system tested in Glenn’s Space Power Facility during the development of the Mars Pathfinder, Spirit and Opportunity missions. Great Lakes Science Center became the designated home of the NASA Glenn Visitor Center in January 2010 under a 10-year Space Act Agreement.

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