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New Mars Data for Maestro: Opportunity #1

By SpaceRef Editor
February 13, 2004
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The first package of Mars data from the rover Opportunity is now available
for download. This package includes data acquired between Jan. 24 and Jan. 29, 2004,
including the first images from Meridiani Planum.

To view the data, the Maestro application must first be downloaded and
installed. The Maestro application allows the user to view Mars data in a
variety of ways, including as a 3D terrain model. Plans for rover activities
can also be created and simulated. This data package is the fourth of a
series that will include data from both Spirit and Opportunity throughout
the mission.

The Maestro application and both data packages are available through the
Maestro Headquarters website at

This email is addressed to people and organizations who were involved in
some way with the first Maestro announcement. We appreciate your help in
publicizing Maestro and the availability of data packages. If you do not
want to receive further emails, please reply.

SpaceRef staff editor.