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New launch attempt of ATV-2 set for this evening

By SpaceRef Editor
February 16, 2011
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New launch attempt of ATV-2 set for this evening

Following a measurement anomaly in the liquid oxygen propellant tank of the cryogenic main stage for Flight 200’s Ariane 5 launcher, yesterday’s countdown was stopped. The new launch time has been set for this evening at 22:50:55 CET.

Yesterday’s final countdown was stopped 4 minutes and 1 second prior to the planned lift-off time. The launch vehicle and its payload, ATV Johannes Kepler, remain in a safe mode awaiting restart of the final countdown operations.

Watch live webcast via

Ariane V200 – ATV Johannes Kepler launch Live – 2nd attempt. / / 16-02-2011


The next transmission of the ESA TV Service will be:
16-Feb-11 21:30 – 00:10 GMT
REPLAY: 16-Feb-11 21:30 – 00:10 GMT
Ariane V200 – ATV Johannes Kepler launch Live – 2nd attempt.

Background information on the transmission:

Following last night’s launch postponement, a 2nd launch attempt has been confirmed for tonight with a lift-off time of 21:50:55 GMT.

Live TV coverage of the “Johannes Kepler” launch by Ariane Vol 200 from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, will commence around 21:30 GMT.

The live coverage can also be viewed as streaming video on the Arianespace and ESA websites.

Highlights of launch and ATV first orbital operations will then be made available as MPEG2 files on the ESA TV FTP server:

Login/UserID: esa
Password: ftp4esa

For more info on this subject please check the script that is online as a DOC file under :

More background information can be found on

The MPEG-2 files are on the ESA ftp server in the folder entitled :

Transmission details:
Atlantic Bird 3 @ 5degW
D/link freq: 12543 MHz
Polarisation X (horizontal)
SR: 27.5 Ms/s
FEC: 3/4
Signal: MPEG2 16:9 PAL SD mod DVB-s QPSK audio PIDs open
4.5MHz signal labelled GCPE-1
Audio layout: Ch 1/2 = FR, Ch 3/4 = English, Ch 5/6 = Intl

For any inquiries regarding satellite or ftp reception please contact the ESA TV production team: Dominique Detain at or + 33 685 114 681 or Chris Courtenay Taylor at or + 44 7774 275 951.

For the latest transmission schedule, go to For all enquires on transmissions, contact or call her mobile phone +32 495 209541.

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