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New Generation Rocket Engine for Space Travel: RocketStar Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

By SpaceRef Editor
March 19, 2015
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Rocketstar, LLC, rocket engine company based in New York City, is currently developing a new generation of rocket engines, beginning with an aerospike engine intended to democratize space and unlock its promise of the future by creating a cost-effective, reusable, reliable, environmentally friendly and highly cost effective rocket engine. RocketStar’s aerospike technology is far superior to the traditional multi-stage, single-use and relatively expensive rockets adopted by the space industry. RocketStar’s aerospike engine will serve to hasten milestones in space exploration, space tourism and, ultimately, space colonization.

Benefits of Aerospike technology:

  • Single-Stage-to-Orbit (SSTO)
  • Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV)
  • 40% increased thrust over traditional engines
  • 50% weight savings 
  • Environmentally friendly, using liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen with water byproduct
  • Thrust Vectoring yields extreme accuracy and maneuverability

On Saturday, March 21, 2015, RocketStar is launching an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign in an effort to raise $250,000 for completion of a prototype and to conduct a burn test, both of which are required prior to building a full-fledged aerospike engine. The campaign will provide individuals with an unprecedented opportunity to participate directly in space technology that will facilitate the overarching quest to routinely move humans beyond the confines of Earth. There will be several levels of participation, ranging from $1 to $25,000, with compelling custom curated rewards for each level of funding.

Chris Craddock, Founder & CEO of RocketStar, stated, “RocketStar’s approach is to create cost effective rocket technology that will serve to transform the promise of space exploration, tourism and colonization into commonplace reality. Through our IndieGoGo campaign, individuals have a unique opportunity to participate in the transformation of the space industry.”

Robert Briskman, a Founding Member of NASA, Co-Founder of SiriusXM Radio and a member of RocketStar’s Advisory Board, declared with enthusiasm, “I’ve been in the aerospace industry since 1959 and I think this is a tremendous step forward!”


Deliverables – funding will be used to accomplish the following development milestones by March 2016:

  • Complete a Computational Fluid Dynamics Test (CFD)
  • Complete design of proprietary nozzle and begin patent process
  • Build test prototype
  • Run comprehensive prototype burn test with full diagnostics and data capture

Rocketstar, LLC is a New York City-based rocket engine company with a Vision to create the standard in hypersonic propulsion used to colonize the solar system and help ensure the future of humanity. To this end, RocketStar will develop and build a new generation of rocket engines, beginning with an aerospike engine, which will do for space travel what the jet engine did for air travel.



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