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Neutron Star Systems Completes USA Restructuring to Capitalise on Commercial and Defense Partnership Opportunities

By SpaceRef Editor
April 6, 2022
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Colorado Springs, April 2022 Neutron Star Systems (NSS) has completed the restructuring of its presence in the United States. The restructuring, which was performed in order to facilitate business between NSS and both governmental and commercial clients in the US, further provides NSS with the flexibility to operate freely in the frame of a constantly changing geopolitical landscape. A leading board of director’s has been put in place to guide NSS’ activities in the USA.

NSS incorporated its first presence in the USA on 31st May last year, in the framework of the Catalyst Accelerator, sponsored by the US Space Force and Air Force Research Laboratory. Further successes followed swiftly, as NSS USA was accepted into the Q-Station soft landing incubation program in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and secured the 3rd place prize in the 2021 Hyperspace Challenge. In order to maximise the potential offered by these opportunities, and to engage effectively with our stakeholders in the USA, NSS has decided to restructure its US business. The original S-Corp has been replaced by two new legal entities: NSS USA Corp. will oversee all commercial operations and serve as the link to NSS’ German entities. A subsidiary company, NSS LLC, has also been incorporated, fully dedicated to pursuing and executing contract opportunities with the government.

“Ever since our first visit to the USA in November 2019, we have received a warm welcome and excellent support. We truly believe that the USA, with its ambitious attitude and strong space ecosystem, is the perfect place to realise the vision for revolutionizing the space industry. The completion of the restructuring process is a key milestone for us to continue to capitalize on the work of the last 2 and a half years, secure our technology and to build on the fantastic support we have received so far.” said Manuel La Rosa Betancourt, CEO of NSS.


The restructuring process has provided a great opportunity for NSS to strengthen its board of directors and welcome several new members with high-quality business and technical expertise. Alongside existing board members and founders Manuel La Rosa Betancourt and Marcus Collier-Wright, NSS welcomes:


Eudys Guevara

Chief Administrative Officer

Eudys is a Venezuelan-born German Industrial Engineer with over 20 years of experience in Quality Management and auditing. Having moved to Germany in 2013, Eudys has been instrumental in laying the foundations of Neutron Star Systems. In 2018, she received her degree in Industrial Engineering from the European University of Applied Sciences in Brühl, and now leads operative matters at NSS including HR, controlling, and standardization.

David Hindley

Chief Product Officer

David is a British Physicist and Chartered Engineer who counts on over 3 decades of experience in the space industry. David brings a wealth of experience, having led dozens of ESA and EU contracts, and with a track record of several successful launches of space equipment. Most notably, he was responsible for managing the development and flight of the T5 electric propulsion system used on ESA’s GOCE mission.

Gabriel Ermoli

Head of Investor Relations

Gabriel is a Venezuelan-born US Citizen Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years background in Oil & Gas operations, corporate financing, and business development with a large trajectory of entrepreneurship. “NSS SUPREME technology has all the potential to transform the landscape and the way things are being done not only in space, but also in terrestrial applications and markets such as the Oil & Gas Industry.” said Gabriel 

About Neutron Star Systems

Neutron Star Systems USA Corp. is a new-space start-up with German roots operating in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, focused on the development of superconductor-based spacecraft systems for missions such as GEO Satellites for encrypted and secured communications at multidomain and multinational level, constellations, On-Orbit Servicing Assembly and Manufacturing (OSAM), Orbit Transfer Vehicles for Cargo transfers between LEO and the Moon, Space Weather Monitoring, Cargo and Crew Missions to Mars. NSS core product is an Electric Propulsion system called SUPREME based on the combination of High Temperature Superconductors and Applied Field Magnetoplasmadynamic Thrusters, providing greater scalability, efficiency, and operational flexibility, and enabling more powerful and more capable spacecraft while cutting costs by up to billions of dollars.



Manuel La Rosa Betancourt

Neutron Star Systems USA Corp

c/o Catalyst Campus 

455 East Pikes Peak Ave, STE 102

Colorado Springs, CO, 80903.

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