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Neil Armstrong Narrates Space Exploration Vision Presentation

By SpaceRef Editor
July 20, 2004
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Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong, who 35 years ago became the first human to set foot on another world, hosts a new
NASA video presentation on the Vision for Space Exploration.
The Vision is a bold initiative to explore the universe, and
eventually send humans back to the moon, on to Mars and

The new exploration objectives were outlined by President
George W. Bush in January during a historic address at NASA
Headquarters in Washington.

“I appreciate Neil’s willingness to help us engage the public
and share the merits of this important exploration
initiative,” said NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe. “NASA has
a clear direction for the future of exploration and we
believe Neil’s efforts will help us generate the excitement
and commitment vital to the vision’s success,” he added.

The videotape titled, “Explore: Earth, Moon, Mars and
Beyond,” will be among the video presentations used by the
agency’s astronauts, engineers, scientists and managers in
speaking engagements across the country. The new videotape
also will be shown on NASA Television and integrated as part
of a larger interactive multimedia experience on

Armstrong and Apollo 11 Lunar Module pilot Buzz Aldrin walked
on the lunar surface in the Sea of Tranquility July 20, 1969,
while Command Module pilot Michael Collins orbited overhead.

The video presentation and information about the new Vision
for Exploration is available on the Internet at:

For information about the historic Apollo 11 mission on the
Internet, visit:

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