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NASTAR Center Completes Third Space Training Class for Researchers Interested in Designing and Flying Experiments in Space

By SpaceRef Editor
August 12, 2010
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The NASTAR(R) Center, the premier commercial space training and research center in the world, completed its third Suborbital Scientist Training Class this year. The Suborbital Scientist Training Program provides researchers with hands-on space flight physiology training to prepare them to design and perform experiments on suborbital vehicles. Eight (8) researchers from U.S. universities, including a NASA astronaut candidate, successfully completed the three-day course held August 2-4th, 2010.

The NASTAR Center has trained over 220 trainees to date for upcoming commercial space flights. These flights offer low-cost, repeatable access to space with 2-5 minutes of microgravity. By performing the NASTAR Suborbital Scientist Training Program, researchers, professors, and graduate students gain first hand insight into how the physiological stresses experienced during spaceflight will affect them and their ability to operate their experiment.

“Prior to taking the training course, it was easy to underestimate the requirements for suborbital science missions. NASTAR showed me solutions to problems and issues that I didn’t know would exist,” said Gregory Delory, researcher at the University of California, Berkeley.

The Suborbital Scientist Training Program includes coursework, altitude physiology, spaceflight training, and exercises in experiment design and distraction factor management. Individuals or groups may register for the next course by contacting Brienna Henwood at or 215-355-9100 x1504.

Anthony Case, grad student at Boston University said, “I really can’t imagine undergoing the physiological stresses of spaceflight without training like that provided by NASTAR. Amazingly helpful and enlightening.”

About NASTAR Center

The National AeroSpace Training And Research (NASTAR(R)) Center is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Environmental Tectonics Corporation (ETC(R)). NASTAR Center is a state-of-the-art aerospace training, research, and educational facility dedicated to improving the health and safety of humans in extreme conditions. NASTAR Center serves military aviation (fixed and rotary wing), civil aviation (fixed and rotary wing), space travel (government and private) and provides research support for component and human factors testing.

About ETC

Environmental Tectonics Corporation (ETC(R)) was founded in 1969 in Pennsylvania. ETC is the world leader in software and systems integration. Its products are present in 87 countries around the globe. ETC core technologies include the design, manufacture, installation and support of products and services organized in two groups. The Training Services Group (TSG) includes: (1) software driven products and services used to create and monitor the physiological effects of flight, (2) high performance jet tactical flight simulation, and, (3) driving and disaster simulation systems. The Control Systems Group (CSG) includes: (1) steam and gas sterilizers, (2) HVAC and automotive engine and systems test equipment and, (3) hyperbaric and hypobaric chambers. For more info visit

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