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NASTAR Center Announces New Space Training Courses & Public Experience Programs

By SpaceRef Editor
February 27, 2012
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NASTAR Center Announces New Space Training Courses & Public Experience Programs

Southampton, PA, USA. February 26, 2012 – The NASTAR(R) Center, the premier commercial aerospace training and research center in the world, announces space training and public experience courses in preparation for upcoming commercial spaceflights anticipated to commence in 2013. NASTAR Center’s Space Training courses include both new and redesigned programs to prepare passengers, pilots, flight physicians, emergency responders, and the general public for space.

The NASTAR Center space courses include lessons learned from previous training sesssions and improved hands-on exercises and advanced space flight simulation exposures in state-of-the-art flight simulators built by parent company Environmental Tectonics Corporation (ETC). Lessons learned are incorporated from over 240 NASTAR Center commercial spaceflight trainees which the NASTAR Center has sucessfully trained since its inception in 2007. New Space Courses available include: Introduction to Space, Basic Space Training, Advanced Space Training, Payload Specialist Training, Space Suits and Systems Training, Space Pilot Training, and Emergency Management Training. Course descriptions and course schedule are available at

The National Aerospace Training and Research Center, located just outside Philadelphia, PA, has been in operation since 2007 and is the only training center approved by the Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation (FAA AST) to provide Commercial Spaceflight Training. Thus far, NASTAR Center has trained over 240 people for upcoming commercial spaceflights.

NASTAR Center Space Training Courses Include:

NASTAR Introduction to Space: a half-day course for all audiences providing fun, interactive and hand-on overviews of space, and culminating in an actual simulated Astronaut spaceflight experience.

Basic Space Training: a two day program designed to provide future space travelers with the core
knowledge and skills to become a safe, confident and capable suborbital spaceflight participant.

Advanced Space Training: two days of enhanced knowledge and in-depth training including emergency preparedness which goes above and beyond the basic space training course.

Space Payload Specialist Training: a one day supplemental course to the Basic Space Training course, aimed at researchers, scientists, and graduate students interested in understanding how to design, plan, and conduct experiments in suborbital space.

Space Suit and Systems Training: This program is designed with a spacesuit manufacturer to provide Space Launch Operators, Pilots, Crew and Passengers with the knowledge and skillsnecessary to don, doff, and use protective life support equipment effectively in both nominal and emergency situations.

Space Pilot: this standard or customizable program is designed to provide space pilots with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain safety of the vehicle and the passengers during flight. Course components include: Situational Awareness, Spatial Disorientation, Upset Prevention and

Recovery Training, Hypobaric (High Altitude) Training, Space Launch to Land Emergency and Nominal
Flight Training, Crew Resource Management, and Land and Water Survival Training.

Emergency Response and Management Training: This program is designed to provide Mission Controllers, Incident Commanders, and/or Ground Crew Personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage emergency scenarios and provide continual procedural training for personnel surrounding a space launch or landing event.

To learn more about NASTAR Center’s Space Programs, schedule a visit, or sign up for a program visit or call 1(866) 482-0933.

About NASTAR Center

The National AeroSpace Training And Research (NASTAR(R)) Center is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Environmental Tectonics Corporation (ETC(R)) ( NASTAR Center is a state-of-the-art aerospace training, research, and educational facility dedicated in improving the health and safety of humans in extreme conditions. NASTAR Center serves military aviation (fixed and rotary wing), civil aviation (fixed and rotary wing), space travel (government and private) and provides research support for component and human factors testing.

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