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NASA’S Chief Technologist Visits Space Florida’s Space Life Sciences Lab Monday

By SpaceRef Editor
July 27, 2012
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WASHINGTON — NASA Chief Technologist Mason Peck will visit Space Florida’s Space Life Sciences Lab, located just outside of NASA Kennedy Space Center’s security gates, on Monday, July 30 at 12:30 p.m. EDT. Peck will meet with Space Florida President and CEO Frank DiBello and small business leaders to discuss collaborative partnerships with NASA.

Reporters are invited to join Peck and lab officials during the two and a half-hour tour of the facility, which is located on Space Commerce Way. The lab serves as the primary gateway for payloads bound for the International Space Station and is a leader in innovative approaches to research and development work in space. Research at the lab includes efforts to analyze plant growth in space aboard the station.

To attend the tour, media representatives must arrive at the Space Life Sciences Lab by 12:15 p.m., Monday for escort into the facility. For more information about the lab, visit:

For a biography of Peck and information about the Office of the Chief Technologist, visit:

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