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NASA update to Katrina aftermath

By SpaceRef Editor
September 6, 2005
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This is the latest information about NASA facilities affected by hurricane Katrina.

Stennis Space Center :

  • The facility remains closed, but is open to essential employees. Other employees should visit the NASA website or call in to report their current status
  • Emergency operations workers have Internet access. The center is expected to have commercial power later today
  • Three buses from Johnson Space Center in Houston are expected today to transport 75 to 100 non-agency evacuees to the Shreveport, La., area
  • An airplane from NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala., was scheduled to arrive late Monday carrying administrative and disaster relief personnel, as well as prescription drugs and medical equipment
  • A plane from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Fla., is expected today to rotate security personnel

Michoud Assembly Facility :

  • The Emergency Operations Center is closely monitoring the water supply. A truck from Kennedy Space Center carrying potable water is on its way to the facility
  • Crews will begin temporary roof repair using traps received Monday
  • Surveys of the surrounding area continue for possible land transportation routes
  • A request was made for mosquito repellent foggers, which should arrive from Marshall Space Flight Center later this week
  • Air conditioning is now available in three buildings

NASA’s toll free telephone number for family members seeking information about people who may sheltering at either Stennis or Michoud, or if you are trying to locate employees who work at either facility, please call 877/470-5240.

NASA has established a public Web site to convey important contact information to NASA employees and contractors impacted by Katrina and for general public information at

For Stennis and Michoud updates and images on the Web, visit

Members of the public who have general questions about NASA’s Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts can call 866/779-7462.

NASA can also take e-mail inquiries from the public about general storm recovery activities. Use “Assistance – Katrina” in the subject line, and send to

For recorded updates about NASA relief operations, call 888/362-4323.

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