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NASA Transformation in Effect

By SpaceRef Editor
August 2, 2004
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Over the weekend, an unprecedented transformation of
NASA’s organizational structure occurred, streamlining the
agency and putting it in a better position to implement the
Vision for Space Exploration.

In June, the President’s Commission on Implementation of U.S.
Space Exploration Policy found that NASA needed to transform
itself into a leaner, more focused agency.

“The Commission recognized that to make the Vision a success
we needed a more integrated approach to science, management
and systems and mission development,” said NASA Administrator
Sean O’Keefe. “Since we made this announcement in June, we’ve
worked these past weeks to remove the ‘stove pipes’ and to
streamline the agency in a way that will allow us to support
the Vision for Exploration in a more efficient and affordable

This transformation fundamentally restructures NASA’s
Strategic Enterprises into Mission Offices. Headquarters
support functions also have been realigned to better clarify
organizational roles and responsibilities.

The agency has redefined its relationships with the NASA
Field Centers by developing clear and straightforward lines
of responsibility and accountability. Specific Mission
Associate Administrators are now assigned as Headquarters
Center Executives. They have oversight of field center
performance in implementing agency policies and programs.

The changes that went into effect over the weekend represent
not only the next step in implementing the recommendations of
the President’s Commission on Implementation of U.S. Space
Exploration Policy, they also reflect NASA’s ongoing efforts
to apply the findings and recommendations of the Columbia
Accident Investigation Board across the agency.

“The changes that went into effect Aug. 1 are significant,
but our work isn’t complete,” Administrator O’Keefe added.
“This transformation will be an ongoing, evolutionary
process. As we identify innovative ways to do our jobs
better, we’ll move forward and implement those changes. This
is truly an exciting time to be a part of NASA.”

The agency will continue to engage other government offices,
industry, academia and the international community to look
for new processes, tools and technologies to help NASA
successfully achieve the Vision for Space Exploration.

Additional presentation information and the new NASA
organization chart is available on the Internet at:

SpaceRef staff editor.