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NASA to Showcase Space Biotechnology

By SpaceRef Editor
June 18, 2003
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NASA to Showcase Space Biotechnology

NASA will showcase space health and biotechnology
research at two major events in Washington next week.

NASA personnel, industry scientists, and astronauts will
highlight research advancing human exploration of space and
enhancing health on Earth during Healthfest 2003 on the
National Mall, June 21-22, and at the BIO 2003 International
Convention, at the Washington Convention Center, June 22-25.

NASA’s International Space Station exhibit will be on display
at Healthfest 2003, a free, two-day educational event
promoting health and biotechnology. Visitors have the
opportunity to learn about healthcare, the future of
medicine, and biotechnology. Healthfest participants include
patient advocacy groups, healthcare providers, volunteer
health organizations and leading biotechnology companies.

The interactive International Space Station exhibit,
contained in two 48-foot trailers, shows how astronauts live
and work in space. Visitors to the exhibit can speak with an
astronaut who worked on the unique Earth-orbiting laboratory.
Oscar, a sophisticated robot that actually listens and
responds to audiences, will also interact with the public.

BIO 2003 is the world’s largest biotechnology industry
convention that attracts thousands of industry executives,
scientists and policy makers. NASA personnel, along with
commercial researchers, will be on hand to answer questions
concerning biotechnology products and technologies at booths
2508-2514, June 23-25, beginning at 10 a.m. EDT.

On Tuesday, June 24, from 10 to 11 a.m. EDT, a media workshop
at the Convention Center features NASA and industry partners
discussing how space research is helping to push space
biotechnology into new frontiers.

NASA speakers, including Dr. Larry DeLucas, a researcher who
flew on the Space Shuttle, and Dr. Neal R. Pellis,
International Space Station Chief Scientist, at the Johnson
Space Center, Houston, will present space biotechnology
background, research successes, and plans for the Station.
Workshop highlights include NASA partnerships with
biotechnology companies in the areas of drug discovery,
bioprocessing, robotic technologies for accelerated cell
production, and space cellular biotechnology.

Astronaut and physician Dr. Daniel T. Barry, will discuss
research in space biology at the BIO 2003 closing reception
at the National Air and Space Museum, June 25, beginning at
7:30 p.m. EDT. Barry is a veteran of three Space Shuttle
flights and four spacewalks.

Media interested in attending events or conducting interviews
should contact the NASA Public Affairs Office at 202/358-

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