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NASA Selects 38 Partnerships to Advance Key Technologies

By SpaceRef Editor
November 1, 2007
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WASHINGTON – On Wednesday, NASA’s Innovative Partnerships Program Seed Fund announced the selection of 38 partnerships that will advance key technologies to meet critical needs for NASA’s mission. These Seed Fund projects will address technology barriers with cost-shared, joint-development programs.

The partnerships span 30 states and include nine universities, 23 small to medium-sized businesses, 17 large corporations and participation by all 10 NASA field centers.

For a complete list of selected organizations and information about NASA’s Innovative Partnerships Program Seed Fund, visit:

The one-year projects will involve collaboration among three principal partners: a NASA partnership manager at a field center; a co-principal investigator within a NASA program or project office; and an external co-principal investigator from the private sector, academia or other government laboratory.

Examples of selected partnership research areas include the pursuit of improved engine performance and reduced emissions in support of NASA aeronautics research; high-temperature materials for lunar lander engines to support NASA’s exploration goals to return to the moon; optics to lower error rates of future space telescopes to support agency science technology needs; and a glass bubble insulation demonstration for cryogenic tanks of interest to NASA’s space operations team.

An important element of the fund is the leveraging of financial resources because of contributions from all three partners. NASA’s Innovative Partnership Program at NASA Headquarters in Washington is contributing $9 million in funding from its Technology Transfer Partnerships budget, $13 million is being provided by NASA sources in programs, projects, or field centers, and $12 million from external partners for a total combined financial commitment of $34 million.

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