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NASA Releases Broad Agency Announcement for Exploration

By SpaceRef Editor
July 30, 2004
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NASA Releases Broad Agency Announcement for Exploration

NASA’s Office of Exploration Systems has released a
Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for Human and Robotic
Technology (H&RT) system-of-systems that will seek research
and technology development proposals in support of the
nation’s Vision for Space Exploration.

The Vision for Space Exploration gives NASA a new focus and
clear objectives to establish a sustained and affordable
human and robotic space exploration program to explore the
solar system, first returning to the moon and then Mars.

“The Office of Exploration Systems is opening up its programs
to industry and academia,” said Associate Administrator Rear
Adm. Craig E. Steidle, USN (Ret.). “This is a significant
opportunity for vendors to become involved in an open
competitive process. We have adopted a new approach to reach
outside expertise to work with us in developing partnerships
that will benefit the nation’s goals for space exploration.”

This BAA is open to industry, universities and nonprofit
organizations in support of the Advanced Space Technology
Program (ASTP) and the Technology Maturation Program (TMP).
The BAA is open for one year through July 27, 2005.

ASTP is seeking proposals in areas such as advanced concepts,
technology databases, advanced materials, health management
technologies, energy storage, advanced chemical propulsion,
and space communications and networking.

TMP is seeking proposals in areas such as highly-
reliable/autonomous deep-space cryogenic-propellant refueling
systems; robust and reconfigurable habitation systems; space
assembly, maintenance and servicing systems; and surface
environmental management systems.

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