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NASA Recognizes Glenn Employees’ Outstanding Achievements

By SpaceRef Editor
September 1, 2010
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NASA Recognizes Glenn Employees’ Outstanding Achievements

CLEVELAND — NASA’s highest awards were recently presented to more than 500 Glenn employees at the agency’s Honor Awards Ceremony, recognizing their exceptional work in science, technology and service.

Jaiwon Shin, associate administrator for NASA’s Aeronautic Research Mission Directorate in Washington, and Ramon “Ray” Lugo, director of NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, presented the awards at the LaCentre Conference & Banquet Facility in Westlake, Ohio on August 18.

The following categories of awards were recognized:

Presidential Rank Award of Distinguished Executive in the Senior Executive Service J. William Sikora, North Ridgeville; and Anthony J. Strazisar, Chesterland, for their sustained accomplishment in management of programs of the United States Government and for noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in the public service.

Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Executive in the Senior Executive Service Howard D. Ross, Lyndhurst; Robert J. Shaw, Fairview Park; and Debra E. Watson, North Olmsted, for their sustained accomplishment in management of programs of the United States Government and for noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in the public service.

Outstanding Leadership Medal Vincent J. Bilardo, Bay Village, for outstanding leadership of the Ares I-X Upper Stage Simulator Team and advancing spaceflight systems development processes and procedures at the Glenn Research Center.

Debra J. DeAngelo, Parma, for outstanding leadership in managing the Center Management and Operations Agency Program and Glenn’s overall budget that funds the institutional workforce and the dollars needed to enhance and maintain the buildings, systems and roads at Glenn and Plum Brook Station.

Susan M. Motil, Hinckley, for exemplary leadership of critical exploration projects through vital design and test phases leading to critical milestone completion for the Constellation Program.

Carol M. Tolbert, Cleveland Heights, for outstanding leadership of the Ares I Purge and Hazardous Gas Project and capturing new work in support of Ares I upper stage structural development and qualification tests.

Exceptional Achievement Medal Bruce L. Bream, Beachwood, for technical excellence in developing, utilizing and presenting an integrated safety and reliability assessment of priming options for the Service Module Propulsion System.

Dennis C. Conrad, North Ridgeville, for demonstrated sustained drive, motivation and personal commitment to NASA’s System for Administration, Training and Educational Resources.

Robert R. Corban, Medina, for exemplary contributions in the delivery of the Fluids and Combustion Facility, significantly increasing NASA’s microgravity research capability on the International Space Station.

Frank Gati, Brunswick, for exceptional achievement as the Chief Engineer for the Orion Service Module.

Mohammad M. Hasan, Orange, for exceptional scientific and technical contributions to boiling heat transfer and cryogenic fluid management technologies in the microgravity environment.

Monica I. Hoffmann, Berea, for outstanding achievement in completing the Ares I-X Upper Stage Simulator interstage elements, including the successful installation of the roll control modules.

Scott M. Jones, Parma, for exceptional achievement in propulsion system modeling and advanced technology benefit assessment, benefitting NASA, the Department of Defense and the aerospace industry.

Sallie A. Keith, Lakewood, for outstanding leadership in the production of the NASA Safety Center Safety and Mission Assurance Technical Excellence Program rollout video and webcast.

Jack Lekan, North Olmsted, for outstanding achievement leading the Ares I-X Upper Stage Simulator (USS) transportation to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Fla. and the USS ground processing and operations.

David A. Petrarca, Beachwood, for providing exceptional technical leadership in the design and manufacturing of the Ares I-X Upper Stage Simulator in support of the Constellation Program.

Angela D. Windau, Wellington, for tireless effort, superior skill and unique safety knowledge reflected in every facet of the Ares I-X manufacturing mission.

Stephen P. Wnuk, Olmsted Township, for exceptional achievement in providing dedicated engineering service and leadership in the management of Glenn’s pressure systems, which allows agency programs to meet their goals.

Exceptional Service Medal Casey A. Blaze, Middleburg Heights, for continued excellence in building and maintaining agency alliances and reinventing the center’s manufacturing competency to be responsive and relevant to the agency.

Eric B. Clark, Cleveland Heights, for sustained exceptional service in conducting advanced photovoltaic research and contributions to promoting the public prestige of NASA.

Beth A. Cooper, Cleveland Heights, for demonstrating entrepreneurial talent and program leadership, which has resulted in making NASA a world leader in hearing loss prevention and occupational health.

Les G. Farkas, Brunswick, for sustained excellence in developing and implementing outstanding information technology solutions for NASA.

Richard M. Flaisig, North Royalton, for exceptional service and contributions in the management of logistics, technical information, administrative, custodial and waste management contracts at Glenn.

Luz Y. Jeziorowski, Fairview Park, for demonstrating exceptional technical expertise and program leadership that has resulted in making Glenn a safe workplace.

Mark M. Kowaleski, Avon, for outstanding contributions to the establishment of the NASA Safety Center and the NASA Technical Excellence Office.

Kathleen K. Needham, Fairview Park, for exceptional contributions that maximize the public value of technology resulting from NASA’s aeronautics and space research and development.

Sandra L. Olson, Westlake, for exceptional service as an innovative researcher in spacecraft fire safety, leading projects that have uncovered important mechanisms in flame spread in reduced gravity.

Thomas H. St. Onge, Pepper Pike, for exceptional managerial accomplishments that advanced International Space Station research and human research for the agency.

Gynelle C. Steele, Solon, for innovative and productive management of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs for NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate and for the spectrum of SBIR and STTR activities at the Glenn Research Center.

Gene L. Stygles, Medina, for outstanding service in the management of Glenn’s construction projects and demonstration of project management excellence.

Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal David E. Myers, North Ridgeville, for outstanding contributions to development of the Ares I-X Upper Stage Simulator and innovative solutions to numerous structural challenges for the Ares I-X launch.

Don J. Roth, Rocky River, for exceptional engineering achievement in providing innovative nondestructive evaluation methods and computational simulations for NASA’s aeronautics and space operations.

John C. Thesken, Rocky River, for solving the composite pressure vessel stress rupture threats for the space shuttle and the International Space Station Programs.

Exceptional Administrative Achievement Medal Deborah S. Malow, Olmsted Falls, for sustained, exceptional administrative assistance to the director’s office.

Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal Mark L. Celestina, Euclid, for the successful development of the APNASA turbomachinery analysis code and technology transfer to external organizations.

Exceptional Public Service Medal William A. Maul III, Litchfield, an employee of QinetiQ North America, for sustained superior contributions leading to the development of advanced space launch vehicle and propulsion systems health management technologies for NASA programs.

Sandra H. Valenti, Broadview Heights, an employee of Science Applications International Corporation, for exceptional public service in improving the safety, health and environmental processes in the Logistics and Technical Information Division and at the Glenn Research Center.

Certificate of Appreciation Rosemary K. Giesser, North Olmsted, an employee of Science Applications International Corporation, for outstanding, sustained efforts to restore and preserve the unique natural wonders of NASA’s Plum Brook Station.

Larry P. Opper, Norwalk, an employee of Sierra Lobo, Inc., for outstanding sustained efforts to enable critical test operations and public outreach activities at NASA’s Plum Brook Station.

Gary R. Ponikvar, Monroeville, an employee of Sierra Lobo, Inc., for outstanding initiative and leadership ensuring the safe and effective preparation for and execution of the Oerlikon Space, AG Ariane V Fairing Separation Test.

Patrick J. Shenigo, Sandusky, a county commissioner in Erie County, Ohio, for outstanding leadership in supporting both NASA and Glenn Research Center goals, underlining Ohio’s strong support for aeronautics and space exploration.

Janet E. Vonkamp, Huron, an employee of Sierra Lobo, Inc., for outstanding initiative and leadership in the development and implementation of an effective document and records management system at Plum Brook Station.

Senior Executive Service Appointments Derrick J. Cheston, Woodmere, to the position of Chief, Mechanical and Fluids Systems Division.

James M. Free, North Olmsted, to the position of Director of Space Flights Systems.

Robyn N. Gordon, Beachwood, to the position of Director of Center Operations.

Ajay K. Misra, Strongsville, to the position of Chief, Structures and Materials Division.

Bryan K. Smith, Brecksville, to the position of Chief, Systems Engineering and Analysis Division.

Fifty-five Year Service Award Bernhard H. Anderson, Bay Village

Fifty Year Service Award Lawrence A. McFarland, Brunswick

Forty-five Year Service Award Gustave C. Fralick, Middleburg Heights

Forty-Year Service Awards Roger Chamberlin, Westlake Kestutis C. “Kaz” Civinskas, Brecksville John J. Juhas, Columbia Station Ihor T. Kiryk, Independence Robert J. Shaw, Fairview Park

Group Achievement Awards Forty members of the Altitude Combustion Stand Group, for outstanding efforts in the successful completion of the Altitude Combustion Stand Project.

Seventeen members of the Ares I Upper Stage Purge and Hazardous Gas Detection Team, for exceptional achievement designing, developing and testing the Ares I Upper Stage Purge and Hazardous Gas Detection System.

Thirty-nine members of the Ares I-X Structural Verification Team, for outstanding effort to requalify and verify the primary and secondary structures of the Upper Stage Simulator in achievement of the Ares I-X Launch schedule.

Fifty-nine members of the Ares I-X Upper Stage Simulator Transportation Team, for outstanding achievement in planning and executing the successful and safe transportation of the Ares I-X Upper Stage Simulator hardware to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

Seventy-three members of the Ares I-X Upper Stage Simulator Launch Processing Team, for the launch site ground processing, turnover, final acceptance and launch of the Upper Stage Simulator flight test article for the Ares I-X mission.

Seven members of the Crew Exploration Vehicle Thermal Protection System Seals Development Team, for developing and validating an advanced Orion capsule heat shield to back shell sealing system.

Thirty-seven members of the Communications, Navigation, and Networking re-Configurable Testbed (CoNNeCT) Team, for a successful Preliminary Design Review.

Twenty-one members of the Developing Professionals Leadership Team, for exceptional teamwork in their commitment to leading the Developing Professionals Club, while selflessly serving Glenn and the community.

Three members of the Early Career Hiring Initiative Pilot Program, for exceptional teamwork in supporting the recruitment efforts associated with this program.

Eight members of the Environmentally Responsible Aviation Project Planning – Propulsion Subteam, for outstanding contribution to the Environmentally Responsible Aviation planning effort by formulating and developing the detailed technology roadmaps for the propulsion element of the project.

Fifty-five members of the Fiscal Year 2009 Demolition Project Team, for supporting the Glenn Research Center Master Plan and the agency initiative to reduce infrastructure.

Twenty-nine members of the Glenn Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE) 6 Spaceflight Experiment Team, for outstanding scientific and engineering efforts that resulted in the successful flight of 11 experiments on the MISSE 6.

Five members of the Glenn Electronic Position Description System (ePDS) Team, for exceptional contributions, dedication and enthusiastic support of the implementation of the ePDS across the agency and center.

Fifteen members of the Glenn Space Telecommunications Radio System (STRS) Team, for the development of the STRS’s open architecture standard for software defined radios for use by NASA, industry and other governmental agencies.

Twenty-eight members of the Glenn Information Technology Logical Access Team for exceptional team effort on the implementation of Glenn’s Secure Information Technology Logical Access environment.

Thirty-three members of the NASA Explorer Schools Team, for serving as a model for effective NASA education and for an unwavering commitment to the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Thirty-two members of the NASA Thermal and Fluids Workshop Steering Committee, for outstanding achievements in the execution of the Thermal & Fluids Analysis Workshop to support critical missions and provide continued stewardship of the discipline for NASA.

Eight members of the Reinforced Carbon-Carbon Coating Adherence Investigation Team, for substantial and dedicated contributions investigating and determining the root cause for coating separation on the shuttle orbiter nose cap and wing leading edge systems.

One-hundred thirteen members of the Service Module Preliminary Design Review Team, for outstanding contributions to the successful preparation, execution and completion of the Orion Preliminary Design Review.

Twenty-seven members of the Small-Scale Inlet Mode Transition Test in 1-ft Supersonic Wind Tunnel Team, for outstanding technical contributions in assessing the performance and mode transition characteristics of an inlet for a turbine-based combined cycle engine.

Forty-six members of the Space Environmental Test Replanning Team, for extraordinary achievement in replanning the Space Environmental Test Project to meet Orion qualification needs and allowing for unparalleled test capability.

Three members of the STS-126 Flow Control Valve Failure IV&V Team, for outstanding and significant contributions to the STS-126 Anomaly Flow Control Valve Failure Investigation – Structural Dynamic & Acoustic Modeling and Analysis.

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