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NASA Plays Key Exploration Role In New Administration Space Policy

By SpaceRef Editor
June 28, 2010
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NASA Plays Key Exploration Role In New Administration Space Policy

WASHINGTON — NASA Administrator Charles Bolden issued the following statement today regarding President Obama’s new National Space Policy:

“NASA is pleased to be an integral part of President Obama’s National Space Policy. NASA’s new direction, announced as part of the fiscal year 2011 budget, is embodied in the new National Space Policy. I would like to thank Lori Garver, my deputy, who led this policy review for NASA, and Phil Mcalister, the NASA representative, who led our working group effort.

“NASA has a key role in achieving the goals defined in the new policy. We are committed to working with other agencies, industry, and international partners to achieve national goals in exploration – human and robotic – and technology development that will ensure a robust future for the U.S. and our friends around the world.

“The new space policy sets our nation on a path to develop the next generation of capabilities we will need to live and work in space. Human and robotic exploration will flourish and bring a wealth of economic and scientific dividends. We will reach new horizons of discovery and expand the reach of humans throughout the solar system.

“This policy embraces the historical roles of the agency, such as research and development of launch systems, robotic missions to destinations throughout the solar system, and Earth science, including climate change.

“But it also challenges NASA to embrace new roles and areas of emphasis, such as enhancing use of the International Space Station, identifying and characterizing of near-Earth objects, and eliminating or limiting orbital debris and its danger to spacecraft.

“In addition, we will expand our partnerships with private industry, allowing commercial companies to take a larger role in the exploration of space while NASA pursues those activities the agency is uniquely qualified to do.

“This policy will enable a vibrant, job-creating, transportation system for taking humans to and from low-Earth orbit, which should significantly contribute to the national economy, benefit all of our nation’s citizens, and enable exploration beyond low-Earth orbit. This policy promises to transform human spaceflight for future generations.

“As we pursue the capabilities of the future, our work will make life better for people here on Earth. Our focus on innovation will generate new jobs in new industries and revitalize the country’s industrial base for space.

“At the same time, NASA will strengthen and improve its Earth-observing capabilities and develop new tools for decision-makers to use this crucial data. Building on our history of international partnerships, we will forge new relationships with nations of all sizes to leverage our resources and achieve more than we could on our own.

“NASA stands ready to again transform our perspectives and expectations, and help the nation reach its highest potential.”

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