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NASA Opens Applications for New Astronaut Class

By SpaceRef Editor
May 27, 2003
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NASA Opens Applications for New Astronaut Class

NASA is accepting applications for mission specialist
and pilot astronaut candidates to join the 2004 Astronaut
Candidate Class.

To obtain an application package, call the Astronaut
Selection Office in Houston at: 281/483-5907; or write to
the Johnson Space Center, Astronaut Selection Office, Mail
Code AHX, Houston, Texas 77058-3696. Application forms and
additional information about the Astronaut Candidate Program
are available electronically through the Astronaut Selection
Office Web site at:

Typically, successful applicants for the mission specialist
astronaut positions have significant qualifications in
engineering or science, while pilot candidates must have
extensive experience flying high-performance jet aircraft.

Following an intensive six-month period of evaluation and
interviews, the final selections will be announced in early
2004. Astronaut candidates will report to the Johnson Space
Center during the summer of 2004 to begin the basic training
program to prepare them for future spaceflight assignments.

The application deadline is July 1, 2003. Applications
received after July 1 will not be considered for the 2004
class but will remain on file for subsequent selection

The Astronaut Candidate Class of 2004 also will include
educator astronauts, teachers who will join NASA’s astronaut
corps and encourage students to pursue studies in math and
science. The Educator Astronaut Program (EAP) was announced
in January, and applications closed April 30. More than
1,100 EAP applications have been processed. Information
about the Educator Astronaut Program is available on the
Internet at:

For more information about NASA and the Human Space Flight
Program on the Internet, visit:

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