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NASA Modifies Lockheed Martin Space Operations Contract

By SpaceRef Editor
September 28, 2001
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NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston has negotiated a
contract modification with Lockheed Martin Space Operations
Co. that includes the acquisition of operational software for
approximately $60.3 million.

The software supports requirement changes for the Mission
Control Center and the Integrated Planning System. The
changes resulted from schedule adjustments to the
International Space Station assembly sequence, particularly
changes to the STS-98 and STS-110 missions.

The initial Consolidated Space Operations Contract was
awarded in 1998 to provide space operations services,
supporting both mission and data services for NASA’s space
flight and science programs. The cost-plus-award-fee contract
has a five-year basic period and includes a five-year priced

The work for the contract modification will be done primarily
in Houston.

SpaceRef staff editor.