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NASA Managers Available to Discuss Shuttle Return to Flight

By SpaceRef Editor
November 12, 2004
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NASA Managers Available to Discuss Shuttle Return to Flight

The top managers of NASA’s human and robotic programs
are coming together to share their expertise as the agency
prepares to return a safer Space Shuttle to flight. Media
can talk with NASA officials about this agency effort during
a teleconference Friday, Nov. 18.

Managers from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL),
Pasadena, Calif., who directed operations of the Mars
rovers, will lend their experience to a practice session by
Space Shuttle mission managers next week at NASA’s Johnson
Space Center (JSC) in Houston. The session is part of a
continuing exchange of best practices that began with
multiple visits by Deputy Space Shuttle Program Manager
Wayne Hale to JPL to observe critical periods of the Mars
Exploration Rover Mission.

Hale and JPL’s Pete Theisinger, former project manager for
the Mars Exploration Rover Mission and current project
manager for the 2009 Mars Science Laboratory mission, will
be available to media via teleconference at 5 p.m. EST
Friday, Nov. 18 to discuss the efforts. To participate,
media should contact the JSC Newsroom by 6 p.m. EST
Thursday, Nov. 17 at: 281/483-5111.

News media who do not want to ask questions can listen on
the Web, as the session will be audio streamed live at:

For more information about NASA’s Return to Flight efforts,

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