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NASA Launches Interactive Online Tour of the Space Station

By SpaceRef Editor
July 19, 2007
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NASA Launches Interactive Online Tour of the Space Station

WASHINGTON — The International Space Station is now accessible in cyberspace. On Thursday, NASA launched its Interactive Space Station Reference Guide, a new tool that features an in-depth look inside and outside of the orbiting laboratory that has never before been seen. It is available online at:

The guide provides an up-to-date interactive overview of the station’s complex configuration, design and component systems. It includes a video introduction and narration by NASA astronaut Mike Fincke, who lived aboard the station for six months as an Expedition 9 science officer and flight engineer.

Other features on NASA’s new interactive guide include:

– How space station crews live in space: how they eat, sleep and exercise while in orbit.

– How the station complex is built and operates, including a reference guide for learning about each of the station’s components.

– A 360-degree tour of the station with a view of each of the station’s pressurized modules.

– A library of printable fact sheets providing up-to-date information about the station.

The station’s assembly and maintenance in orbit, long-duration spaceflight experience gained aboard the complex, and research into the effects of long spaceflights contribute to NASA’s plans for future missions to return to the moon and travel beyond.

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