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 NASA JSC Inventors Reach New Heights with Star-Studded Innovations

By SpaceRef Editor
July 6, 2005
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 NASA JSC Inventors Reach New Heights with Star-Studded Innovations

With new developments aimed at benefiting life in space and on Earth, a host of inventors at NASA’s Johnson Space Center will be honored for their achievements and patents at a luncheon July 7.

Their inventions focus on a variety of disciplines and technologies. They could lead to improvements in tissue regeneration, production of proteins, preservation of biological samples, Global Positioning System capabilities and medical treatments for illnesses such as prostate cancer.

A sampling of the inventors and their creations that will be recognized includes:

G. Dickey Arndt will be honored for technology developed to prevent damage to the urethra during operations on prostate tumors using a computer program for a microwave antenna. Arndt holds a doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Texas. He has been a member of the JSC community for 39 years and holds 21 patents. His present areas of research include microwave catheters for treating tumors and vertebroplasty, magnetic field interactions with bone and muscle tissue to counteract zero gravity effects, microwave fields to selectively kill bacteria and passive tracking using ultra-wideband technology.

Thomas Goodwin will be recognized for two patents received this year. The first is for production of functional proteins. This technology develops a methodology for producing certain classes of human proteins. The second is for technology that allows people to use Time Varying Electromagnetic Fields to stimulate cells that are difficult to grow into cells that grow very easily. The goal is to stimulate cells to grow at a faster pace with the hope of achieving tissue reconstruction, which has never been done before.

Goodwin has training in bioengineering from the University of Michigan.

The inventions and the NASA individuals being honored are:

  • G. Dickey Arndt and Phong Ngo, Computer Program for Microwave Antenna
  • Thomas Goodwin, Production of Functional Proteins: Balance of Shear Stress and Gravity
  • Steven Koontz, Porous Article with Surface Functionality and Method for Preparing Same
  • Patrick Fink and Justin Dobbins, Distributed Antenna System and Method
  • Lakshmi Putcha, Preservation of Liquid Biological Samples
  • Dennis Morrison, Method for Determining the Three-Dimensional Structure of a Protein
  • Richard Juday, Spatial Light Modulators for Full Cross-Connections in Optical Networks
  • George Petter, Heat Treatment of Friction Stir Welded 7X50 Aluminum
  • David Wolf and Thomas Goodwin, Growth Stimulation of Biological Cells and Tissue by
  • Electromagnetic Fields and Uses Thereof.

For more information on these inventions and the individuals being honored at the Inventors’ Luncheon 2005, or on licensing and partnership opportunities, visit the Technology Transfer and Commercialization Web site:

Editor’s Note: Media wishing to interview the inventors may call the JSC Newsroom at 281/483-5111.

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