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NASA is showing in a theatre near you

By SpaceRef Editor
September 22, 2004
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As moviegoers wait in line to purchase tickets at Regal
Entertainment Group (REG) theatres across the country, they
will also get a lesson in science, technology, engineering
and mathematics, as NASA becomes part of the movie preview
line up.

REG theatres, including Regal Cinemas, United Artists
Theatres and Edwards Theatres nationwide, have added NASA
programming to their lobby-advertising venue. Through a
partnership with NASA’s Langley Research Center (LaRC) Center
for Distance Learning, Hampton, Va., one-minute newsbreaks
are being shown on 42-inch plasma screens nationally in REG
theatre lobbies. The programming is from NASA’s Kids Science
News Network (KSNN).

“This special relationship with REG theatres is an
opportunity to show the public NASA considers education a
vital part of its service for students and adults,” said Ron
Shaneyfelt, KSNN program manager. “The in-theatre programming
gives viewers information they may not find anywhere else.”

Through this unique partnership, REG theatres will receive
award-winning videos from KSNN. An estimated 14.4 million
patrons will see NASA videos monthly in more than 400 REG
theaters. REG theatres have scheduled lobby showings in
September, October and December. KSNN features kids teaching
science, technology, engineering, and math to other kids in
an entertaining and instructional format. The newsbreaks
answer commonly asked questions and engage students to
research misconceptions they may have about math and science.

Produced by the LaRC Office of Education, KSNN newsbreaks may
be downloaded from the Web with supporting content. Each
component has a background information section. Students and
educators can learn about the topic from a list of related
resources and Web links. The hands-on activity can be used in
the classroom or at home, allowing parents to get involved
with their children’s education, while sharing fun and
exciting content.

REG is the largest motion picture exhibitor in the world. The
company’s theatre circuit, comprising Regal Cinemas, United
Artists Theatres and Edwards Theatres, operates 6,053 screens
in 544 locations in 39 states. Regal operates approximately
17 percent of all movie screens in the U. S. including
theatres in 46 of the top 50 markets and growing suburban
areas. Regal CineMedia is a wholly owned subsidiary of REG
focusing on the expansion and development of advertising and
new uses for Regal’s theatre assets, while at the same time
enhancing the movie-going experience.

Media are invited to attend the premiere event at Regal
Greenbrier Cinemas 13, Chesapeake, Va., from noon to 2 p.m.
EDT, Sept. 25, 2004. Media should contact Kimberly Land at:
757/864-9885 for details and directions.

To learn more about KSNN and other distance learning
programming visit:

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Internet, visit:

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Internet, visit:

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