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NASA, Houston Cinema Arts Society Accepting CineSpace 2020 Short Film Entries

By SpaceRef Editor
March 2, 2020
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As NASA celebrates 20 years of continuous human presence in space onboard the International Space Station, filmmakers around the world are invited to submit their entries for CineSpace, a short-film competition that offers the opportunity to share their work inspired by, and using, actual NASA imagery.

NASA and the Houston Cinema Arts Society opened submissions for the 2020 competition on March 2, beginning the sixth year of the film competition. The deadline for submissions closes July 15.

This year, in recognition of humans living and working on the space station continuously for 20 years, the competition features two special awards: best film in a documentary format using NASA imagery, and best film that celebrates 20 years of humans on the space station. In the latter category, the film will capture the accomplishments, over the past two decades, of the space station’s peaceful global partnerships, its support for global space exploration and the science and technology that benefited humanity using the tenets of one or more of the global peace awards such as the Nobel Peace Prize, the Goi Peace Award, World Peace Prize, U Thant Peace Award and many others as applicable to the space station experience.

The short films will highlight NASA-captured imagery and video from NASA’s historic archives and the past 20 years of continuous human presence on the station, and be judged based on creativity, innovation and attention to detail. Golden Globe winner Richard Linklater will be a guest judge at this year’s competition. As in previous years, filmmakers will compete for $26,000 in cash prizes, with awards going to the top three overall winners and winners of the two special categories.

Professional and aspiring filmmakers from around the world are welcome to submit their films. Submissions of all genres, including narrative, documentary, comedy, drama, animation, experimental and others will be accepted via online content creation platform Tongal. Film entries must be 10 minutes or less and contain at least 10 percent of publicly available NASA imagery.

Finalists and winners will be announced at a CineSpace event during the Houston Cinema Arts Festival in November 2020.

Winners will be announced and awarded their prizes at the CineSpace awards ceremony during the 12th Annual Houston Cinema Arts Festival on Nov. 12-16, 2020. Finalists and winners may be screened at other film festivals across the country, on NASA TV and even onboard the space station.

With 20 years of continuous human presence onboard the station and inspiring the new Artemis generation, NASA continues to encourage future generations to explore, learn, build and safeguard a better future. NASA also is dedicating itself to landing the first woman and next man on the Moon, and sending humans to Mars.

The Houston Cinema Arts Society is a nonprofit organization created in 2008 that organizes and hosts the annual Houston Cinema Arts Festival, an arts festival that features films and new media by and about artists in the visual, performing and literary arts.

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