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NASA Glenn to Conduct Emergency Exercise May 16

By SpaceRef Editor
May 15, 2019
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On Thursday, May 16, beginning at 9 a.m., NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland will hold a full-scale exercise to test the effectiveness of the center’s Emergency Management plans.

During the exercise, residents near NASA Glenn and travelers at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport may hear sirens or see emergency vehicles entering and leaving Glenn. Though the exercise will be held at the center’s Lewis Field main campus, it is important the community is aware that any unusual activity is part of the exercise and not an actual emergency.

“The safety and security of our workforce and our neighboring communities is of utmost importance,” said Seth Harbaugh, Glenn’s deputy director of operations. “We need to exercise our plans in the most realistic manner possible, working with state and local government and community emergency services partners, to ensure we remain prepared to respond to actual incidents.”

Personnel from several local government offices and fire departments will participate alongside NASA Glenn’s Emergency Response Team during the drill, which is part of Glenn’s ongoing commitment to protecting employees.

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