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NASA Glenn Research Center Purchases ISM’s Predictive Tool Suite

By SpaceRef Editor
June 15, 2005
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Integrated Software Metrics, Inc. (ISM) has announced that the NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland recently purchased ISM’s Predictive (TM) tool suite. Glenn Research Center focuses on combustion systems related to NASA’s missions. The Center’s projects include critical software code that support spacecraft, and they employ detailed code walk-through processes to ensure the code’s quality. ISM’s Predictive (TM) tool suite will help them identify the error-prone code, saving them time and helping to assure mission success. Since February 2005, Glenn Research Center has been beta-testing ISM’s Predictive (TM) Lite to help focus their code testing effort, and this resulted in their purchase of Predictive (TM) Lite and ISM’s newest product, Predictive (TM) Pro. When Predictive (TM) Server becomes available later this year, Glenn Research Center will also purchase a 5-project license.

Predictive (TM) tools were created and tested on large software projects, on several hundred thousand lines of code. One of the projects was the NASA Metrics Data Program, where ISM and Glenn Research Center worked together to generate metrics and establish a metrics repository. The three products in the suite are designed to predict where errors will occur in software code, which enables the user to find errors earlier in the development cycle, saving money on development costs. Predictive (TM) Lite analyzes source code and applies metrics to predict where errors will occur, automatically setting thresholds for code analysis. Predictive (TM) Pro includes heuristics capabilities. Predictive (TM) Server contains all of the features of Lite and Pro, and is scalable for network or distributed deployment. The Predictive (TM) tool suite is a powerful set of tools that can be used for any size of software project and across multiple projects, and are designed for those who develop and manage software, including project managers and developers. More information about the Predictive (TM) tools can be found at ISM’s website,

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INTEGRATED SOFTWARE METRICS, INC. is a software company committed to innovation in predictive software development and management tools. ISM’s technology was developed in collaboration with customers on several complex software development projects. ISM is privately held and is headquartered in Fairmont, West Virginia.


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