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NASA Glenn Research Center Employees Receive Honors Awards

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July 31, 2009
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NASA Glenn Research Center Employees Receive Honors Awards

CLEVELAND — NASA’s Glenn Research Center Director Woodrow Whitlow Jr. along with NASA’s Johnson Space Center Deputy Director Ellen Ochoa recognized over 350 NASA Glenn employees for exceptional achievements at the annual Honor Awards Ceremony held July 8 at NASA’s Glenn Research Center. Awards were presented to individuals and teams for outstanding work in science, technology, engineering and administrative service.


Presidential Rank Award of Distinguished Executive in the Senior Executive Service

Woodrow Whitlow Jr., Cleveland, for sustained accomplishment in management of programs of the United States government and for noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in the public service.

Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Executive in the Senior Executive Service

Kenny E. Aguilar, Strongsville, retired, for sustained accomplishment in management of programs of the United States government and for noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in the public service.

Gary T. Seng, Olmsted Township, for sustained accomplishment in management of programs of the United States government and for noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in the public service.

Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Senior Professional

Louis A. Povinelli, Westlake, for sustained accomplishment in management of programs of the United States government and for noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in the public service.

Outstanding Leadership Medals

Therese M. Griebel, LaGrange, for outstanding leadership of the Glenn Research Center, Engineering Directorate, Manufacturing Division during the most challenging period in two decades.

Rainee N. Simons, North Olmsted, for outstanding leadership devoted to the design, development and delivery of high data Ka-band traveling wave tube amplifier, enabling space flight communications.

Laurence A. Sivic, Broadview Heights, for outstanding leadership in designing, managing and implementing financial policies, systems and reengineered processes at both the center and agency level.

Exceptional Achievement Medals

Anita L. Arnold, Medina, for exceptional achievement in the implementation of the e-OPF project at the Glenn Research Center.

James E. Bridges, North Olmsted, for exceptional achievement in jet noise research through technical contributions and fostering government-industry partnerships with long lasting impact on NASA missions.

Derrick J. Cheston, Woodmere, for exceptional achievement in establishing the NESC concept and in implementing its principles in addressing the critical initial flaw size issue for Ares.

Renato O. Colantonio, Brunswick, for outstanding support of NASA’s National Aviation Operations Monitoring Service (NAOMS) Project during the Phase Two Information Release.

Kaprice L. Harris, Avon, for exceptional service and dedication in support of NASA’s Glenn Research Center Intellectual Property Management Program.

Maryann Meador, Strongsville, for substantial and innovative contributions in developing polymer cross-linked aerogels and for fostering critical partnerships among NASA, industry and universities.

Adabelle Narvaez-Legeza, Olmsted Township, for exceptional achievement as chief engineer for Ares I-X Upper Stage Simulator.

Wayne A. Wong, Broadview Heights, for significant contributions to the development of Advanced Stirling Convertor for NASA and Department of Energy high specific power Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator.

Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal

Marvin E. Goldstein, Elyria, for revolutionary breakthrough in the jet noise predication method development and major discovery of a new mechanism for turbulent transition in surface boundary layers.

Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal

John K. Ramsey, Lucas, for significant achievements and contributions in developing the Ares I-X Interstage Vehicle as well as publishing the NASA Aeroelasticity Design Handbook.

Exceptional Technology Achievement Medals

Bilal M. Bomani, Cleveland, for demonstrated exceptional technical leadership in developing optical imaging systems for NASA with recognized benefits for the agency mission and commercial applications.

Dongming Zhu, Westlake, an employee of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, for substantial contributions to the development and technology transfer of turbine engine coatings and environmental testing for NASA, Defense and commercial applications.

Exceptional Service Medals

Ronald C. Alexander, Shaker Heights, for exceptional success in improving the understanding of NASA and GRC among elected officials in the sta/te of Ohio through strategic, proactive and innovative activities.

John C. DeLaat, North Ridgeville, for significant contributions to the development of advanced propulsion control technologies in support of NASA aeronautics research.

Christopher DellaCorte, Medina, for sustained excellence in leading Oil-Free Turbomachinery development, driving resultant applications and in applying tribology expertise to guide program productivity.

William M. Foster, Lodi, for achievements in managing and leading the day-to-day design and manufacturing activities for the Upper Stage Simulator flight test article for the Ares I-X mission.

Sandra L. Hardy, North Olmsted, for sustained service and leadership in the stand-up and initial operation of the NASA Safety Center.

Karin E. Huth, Brooklyn, for outstanding procurement services to NASA and the center, resulting in the achievement of many institutional improvements and programmatic mission successes.

Arthur R. Lee, Towson, Md., for sustained service, leadership and contributions to NASA’s Safety Program.

Diane L. Linne, North Royalton, for significant contributions and service to her community in the field of research and development in propulsion technology.

Kevin A. McCormick, Litchfield, for exceptional engineering and technical service, dedication, and contributions to key agency programs that enable the meeting of goals and milestones.

David B. McKissock, Berea, for sustained superior performance in defining and analyzing power systems for NASA space flight projects.

Linda M. McMillen, North Ridgeville, for exceptional service to NASA and the greater Cleveland community and for support of our men and women in uniform.

Michael V. Nathal, Strongsville, for long-term, extensive and innovative contributions in advancing metals science and technology for NASA, the aerospace community and the nation.

Carol A. Quinn, Columbia Station, for sustained exceptional service in the technical oversight and management of the Space Shuttle Program activities at the Glenn Research Center.

Bhim S. Singh, North Royalton, for outstanding leadership and exceptional management contributions to International Space Station flight experiments, space processing and human physiological research.

David J. Steigman, Brooklyn, for exceptional service in the stewardship of financial resources and developing innovative business processes.

Shun P. Tschen, Columbia Station, for sustained exceptional service in leading the manufacturing of the Ares I-X Upper Stage Simulator.

Denise M. Varga, Olmsted Township, for exceptional abilities and accomplishments in software development at NASA.

Exceptional Public Service Medals

Carol A. Galica, North Royalton, an employee of SGT Inc., for educating and inspiring students, teachers and the public about STEM and communicating the overall importance of the impacts of STEM on the nation’s future workforce.

Ann O. Heyward, Berea, an employee of Ohio Aerospace Institute, for exceptional community leadership that has resulted in greater awareness of NASA’s contributions and has inspired the next generation of explorers.

Equal Employment Opportunity Medal

Felix A. Miranda, Olmsted Falls, for exceptional contributions to the goals of the Equal Employment Opportunity Program through work with under-represented universities and students.

Certificates of Appreciation

Bernhard H. Anderson, Bay Village, for pioneering efforts in the development of micro-actuators for inlet flow control using analysis tools and statistical design strategies and optimization.

Barbara J. Bartos, Medina, for outstanding initiative and exceptional service as Executive Support Assistant for Glenn Research Center’s Research and Technology Directorate.

Thomas J. Benson, Berea, for sustained efforts and exemplary contributions in support of education and outreach missions.

Timothy D. Best, Grafton, for significant contributions to the safety and success of NASA programs and projects during an outstanding 23-year NASA career.

Geneva G. Biglin, Castalia, an employee of SGT Inc., for outstanding sustained efforts to enable critical agency reviews and public outreach activities at NASA’s Plum Brook Station.

Margaret C. Bollinger, Medina, for the outstanding resource management contributions to the efficiency and effectiveness of the Office of the Chief Information Officer, the Glenn Research Center and NASA.

Barbara M. Esker, Strongsville, for sustained excellence and innovation in program management while supporting the Subsonic Rotary Wing Project and the Fundamental Aeronautics Program.

Marton Forkosh, Solon, for leadership in developing and demonstrating true expansion in the systems engineering practices for the agency.

Lynda D. Glover, Cleveland, for exemplary accomplishments in furthering the recruitment, development and retention of candidates hired within the Co-operative Education Program.

Glen M. Horvat, North Royalton, for exceptional achievement in reviewing, evaluating and solving major issues in Space Flight Systems Projects assigned to Glenn Research Center.

Gary W. Hunter, Oberlin, for performing pioneering research and commercialization of chemical gas sensor microsystems for NASA missions.

Fred J. Kohl, Fairview Park, for outstanding technical and managerial leadership in the restoration of the International Space Station Research Project.

Michael J. Krasowski, Chagrin Falls, for outstanding contributions to flight electronics, including the development of novel communication circuit over DC power lines and a JFET for high temperature applications.

Mei-Hwa Liao, Strongsville, for developing an engineering structural analysis team in support of the Orion service module and the Ares I-X Upper Stage Simulator.

Dorian C. McKinney, Sandusky, an employee of Plum Brook Operations Support Group, for outstanding sustained efforts to enable critical agency reviews and public outreach activities at NASA’s Plum Brook Station.

Vedha Nayagam, Strongsville, an employee of National Center for Space Exploration Research, for leadership in the exploration technology development and the microgravity combustion science programs.

Ronald D. Noebe, Medina, for exceptional research in computational materials science and advanced alloy development, creating breakthroughs in the temperature capability of shape memory alloys.

Monica M. Palivoda, Burton, for exceptional initiative in carrying out administrative activities in support of space flight and exploration.

Jean E. Roberts, Milan, for outstanding sustained efforts in financial analysis and management at NASA’s Plum Brook Station.

Denise L. Ryant, Brunswick, for outstanding achievement as a Management Support Assistant as demonstrated via dedication, strong customer focus and extraordinary level of accomplishment.

Lance C. Warner, Sandusky, an employee of Realty Executives Strayer Group Commercial Real Estate, for tireless volunteer efforts to connect NASA Plum Brook Station with regional civic leaders, educators and industry leaders to find innovative solutions to common problems.

Senior Executive Service Appointments

Cheevon B. Lau, Westlake, was appointed to the position of Director of Audits and Assessments.

John D. Marinaro, Avon Lake, was appointed to the position of Director, Technical Excellence.

Senior Scientific and Professional Crops Appointment

Michael J. Patterson, Brunswick, was appointed to the position of Senior Scientist, In-Space Propulsion.

Forty-Year Service Awards

James L. Smialek, Strongsville

Aaron Snyder, Avon Lake

Sunil Dutta, North Ridgeville, retired

Fifty-Year Service Awards

Gerald V. Brown, Lakewood

Richard K. Shaltens, Westlake

Fifty-five Year Service Awards

Earl R. Hanes, Middleburg Heights

Group Achievement Awards

One-hundred and five members of the Ares I Upper Stage Thrust Vector Control Team, for outstanding achievements in the design and development of the Ares I upper stage thrust vector control system.

Twelve members of the C-MAPSS Development Team, for leadership in development of a user-friendly generic commercial aircraft engine transient simulation.

Eighteen members of the Educational Programs Exploring Team, for dedication to the Educational Programs Office and Exploring Program; contributions have been instrumental in expanding students’ understanding of the STEM fields.

Thirty-six members of the Glenn HSPD-12 Badging and Physical Access Team, for exceptional team effort on the implementation of both the GRC HSPD-12 badging process and the new and improved physical access environment.

Twelve members of the GRC NSSC Financial Management Transition Team, for exceptional performance in support of the transition of GRC accounting functions to the NASA Shared Service Center (NSSC).

Ten members of the Human Capital Development Team, for outstanding support to improve employee/management relations, increase employee satisfaction, and promote teamwork and open communication.

Seven members of the Ka-Band Atm. Calibration and RF Propagation team, for innovative contributions to the understanding of Ka-band frequencies atmospheric effects on ground-based antenna arrays for NASA’s Deep Space Network.

Four members of the K-Band TWT Amplifier for LRO team, for exemplary performance in solving the many technical problems associated with the development of a K-band (25.5-25.8 GHz) traveling-wave tube amplifier for LRO.

Nine members of the LEWICE Ice Accretion Software Development Team, for the development of ice accretion software that is widely used throughout the aviation community to enhance the safety of flight in icing conditions.

Forty members of NASA’s 50th Anniversary Implementation Team, for outstanding leadership and support of the Glenn Research Center’s observation of NASA’s 50th Anniversary celebrating our past achievements and future missions.

Eight members of the Project Management Tool Implementation Team, for outstanding performance implementing the Program Management Tool, enabling GRC to better manage its programs and resources and to meet agency financial metrics.

Twenty-eight members of the Vehicle Motion Simulator Development team, for technical leadership in design of a Vehicle Motion Simulator that will support the development of a new Mobile Launch Platform used by the Crew Exploration Vehicle.

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