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NASA Glenn Releases Results of NIOSH Findings Related to Health Concerns

By SpaceRef Editor
October 8, 2008
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NASA Glenn Releases Results of NIOSH Findings Related to Health Concerns

CLEVELAND — On Wed., Oct. 8, NASA’s Glenn Research Center will host a media briefing to announce the results of a review by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Ohio Department of Health to evaluate the allegations of health concerns at the center.

The briefing will begin at 3 p.m. in the Development Engineering Building. The building is located on the north side of Brookpark Road. Glenn Director Dr. Woodrow Whitlow Jr. and Safety and Mission Assurance Director Thomas Hartline will participate in the news briefing.

Concerns of an increased incidence of cancer cases for both current and former employees had been raised by employees in two buildings who suggested that the situation may be related to environmental issues with the buildings or its surroundings. Glenn’s management took these employee concerns seriously and pursued the evaluation of the cited sources. The center enlisted the noted federal and state agencies, which have conducted many investigations regarding cancer occurrences or their potential to cause cancer in humans, to independently assess these complaints.

Reporters wanting to participate in this briefing should call the Media Relations Office at 216-433-2901 or Lori Rachul at 216-433-8806 by 1 p.m. Wed., Oct. 8 to arrange security clearance on to the center.

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