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NASA Glenn Garners Ohio Green Fleets Award

By SpaceRef Editor
August 13, 2009
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CLEVELAND — NASA’s Glenn Research Center was selected to receive the 2009 Ohio Green Fleets Award and achieved three-star certification for extensively reducing the emission and fuel use in its government vehicles. This recognition represents a considerable investment of time and resources in greening a fleet. The awards were presented today during an inaugural ceremony at the Ohio Department of Transportation Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

Ohio Green Fleets, a program of Clean Fuels Ohio, honored the achievements of business and government who have taken steps toward improving a fleet’s overall efficiency and emissions profile.

Glenn’s alternative fuel infrastructure includes compressed natural gas, bio-diesel and E-85; motor fuel blends of 85 percent ethanol and just 15 percent gasoline. Seventy-seven percent of Glenn’s 125 fleet vehicles use alternative fuels.

“Our goal is to continue our efforts to reduce petroleum consumption and maintain an awareness of new opportunities and practices that we can employ to improve our operation,” said Susan Kraus, transportation officer at Glenn. “Our efforts extend beyond vehicle fleet operation to include educating customers, engaging in outreach activities and participating in public forums.”

Clean Fuels Ohio strives to improve air quality and public health as well as encourage the sustainable use of non-petroleum domestic fuels to grow America’s economy and break our dependence on imported oil.

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