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NASA Glenn Brings the Excitement of Space Exploration to Fairfax Arts & Heritage Celebration

By SpaceRef Editor
July 16, 2012
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NASA Glenn will feature two traveling exhibits at the all-day celebration: Journey To Tomorrow and the Mobile Orion Vehicle Explorer, or MOVE.

The Journey to Tomorrow exhibit includes a solar system scale, where visitors can find out how much they would weigh during a rocket launch, in space or on another planet; a simulator, in which a person can take the controls of a lunar landing craft; and a “Dynamic Planet,” where a person can designate a rotating sphere to be Earth, Mars, or any planet, control its speed and see interesting facts about the selected planet with a simple touch of a finger.

The MOVE exhibit is a replica of an astronaut transport vehicle. This mobile vehicle showcases NASA’s Orion spacecraft that will take astronauts far beyond Earth on missions to an asteroid, the moon and perhaps even Mars. MOVE will be driven in the parade and on display at the Fairfax Arts & Heritage Celebration.

Visitors also will have a chance to view various 3D models including the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle and NASA’s new rocket, the Space Launch System. In addition, there will be a real moon rock on display.

Also available will be the popular “Picture Yourself in Space” photo booth, where visitors can receive a free souvenir photo taken as an astronaut and free NASA informational material.

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