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NASA Glenn Brings the Excitement of Aeronautics and Space Exploration to Rockford Airfest

By SpaceRef Editor
May 26, 2011
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CLEVELAND — The public is invited to visit NASA’s Journey to Tomorrow traveling exhibit at the Rockford AirFest Indianapolis Air Show at the Greater Rockford Airport in Illinois June 4-5. Visitors will be able to explore science exhibits and participate in fun, educational hands-on activities.

Journey to Tomorrow is housed in a 53-foot trailer and contains eight interactive kiosks that allow participants to go at their own pace as they learn about the history and challenges of air and space exploration. The exhibit is wheelchair accessible.

Interesting features include a planetary gravity demonstrator, where a person can compare the weight of a soda can on different planets and feel how gravity changes from planet to planet; a simulator, in which a visitor can take the controls of a lunar landing craft; and a “Dynamic Planet,” where a person can designate a rotating sphere to be Earth or any planet, control its speed and see interesting facts about the chosen planet.

Additional exhibit highlights include a solar system scale, where visitors can find out how much they would weigh during a rocket launch, in space, or on another planet; and a moon rock brought back from the Apollo 17 lunar landing mission.

Also available will be the popular “Picture Yourself in Space” photo booth, where visitors can have their free souvenir photo taken as an astronaut; a 30-foot inflatable space shuttle; and free NASA educational material.

NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland sponsors Journey to Tomorrow at special events throughout the country.

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