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NASA Glenn Awards Ceremony Honors Workforce Achievements

By SpaceRef Editor
October 29, 2012
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CLEVELAND – NASA’s Glenn Research Center Director Ray Lugo and NASA Associate Administrator Robert Lightfoot recognized over 500 Glenn employees and contractors for exceptional contributions and achievements in science, technology, engineering, craftsmanship, leadership, bravery and administrative service at the annual Honor and Center Awards Ceremony held earlier this year.

Below are the Honor Award recipients, their hometowns and the award citations from the ceremony program.

Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Senior Professional: Bruce M. Steinetz, Westlake, for sustained superior accomplishment in management of programs of the U.S. Government and for noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in public service.

Early Career Achievement Medal: Vivake M. Asnani, North Olmsted, for exceptional early career contributions advancing the state of the art in surface mobility and terramechanics with significant impact on major NASA missions and programs.

Nikki D. Brown, for professional and personal achievements in excellent procurement support to Glenn Research Center projects and programs.

Lynn A. Capadona, Avon, for exceptional achievements in supporting the NASA research and flight programs as an early career employee.

John J. DeGreen, Lake County, for outstanding engineering contributions to fulfill the mission of the Glenn Research Center.

Stefanie M. Hirt, for significant achievement and team leadership in the development of low-boom supersonic inlet technology.

Equal Employment Opportunity Medal: Denise R. Busch, for outstanding achievement in Equal Employment Opportunity efforts in recruiting and training future leaders.

Lancert E. Foster, Cleveland, for sustained and outstanding contributions to the principles of equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion.

Dennis P. Stocker, Berea, for exceptional efforts toward NASA’s equal opportunity goals through innovative student programs, introducing a diverse range of students to NASA’s goals and opportunities.

Exceptional Achievement Medal: Vicki J. Crable, Canal Fulton, for exceptional achievement in NASA Space Flight Projects, enabling the in-space demonstration Ares 1-X and new Communications, Navigation and Networking reConfigurable Testbed communications technology.

Jay G. Horowitz, for groundbreaking work in high-performance computing and visualization environments in support of NASA programs.

Tina L. Jicha, Strongsville, for exceptional achievement re-engineering the Space Flight Systems business process for planning and executing program direct assessments.

Thomas J. Kacpura, Rocky River, for superior technical leadership and teamwork shown in the development, test, delivery and integration of the three software defined radios for the Communications, Navigation and Networking reConfigurable Testbed Flight Experiment.

Katherine L. McGinnis, Bainbridge Township, for exceptional dedication and technical excellence in providing the materials and processes engineering effort on the Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator Project.

Kevin M. McPherson, for exceptional leadership in the conduct of operations of the Fluids and Combustion Facility, attaining significant research results for the microgravity research community.

Karen M. Meinert, for exceptional leadership in decommissioning the Process-Based Mission Assurance System and implementing the NASA Safety Center Knowledge Now System.

Ronald A. Mullenax, Strongsville, for exceptional achievement in the development of innovative work tools, which enhanced Glenn’s ability to direct a comprehensive and proactive workforce plan.

Keith M. Peecook, North Ridgeville, for exceptional achievement in leading the Plum Brook Reactor Facility Decommissioning Team’s efforts to decommission the Nuclear Reactor at Plum Brook Station.

Gail P. Perusek, Lakewood, for exemplary contributions in the delivery of the “Glenn Harness,” significantly improving NASA’s astronaut treadmill exercise capability on the International Space Station.

Chip Redding, Lakewood, for innovative design and packaging solutions enabling the Upper Stage Thrust Vector Control system to finalize their design and begin release of drawings.

Richard C. Reinhart, for exemplary contributions in advancing the state of the art in software defined radio as the Principal Investigator of the Communications, Navigation and Networking reConfigurable Testbed and the Space Communication and Navigation Testbed.

Kurt A. Straub, Independence, for leadership in redesigning NASA business systems for compliance with new IRS withholding rules.

Anita D. Tenteris-Noebe, Medina, for technical excellence and exceptional skill in guiding efforts to prioritize Glenn Construction of Facilities projects by using risk informed decision-making.

Denise M. Varga, Olmsted Township, for exceptional achievement in the design, development, integration and verification of the Communications, Navigation and Networking reConfigurable Testbed software.

Mark R. Woike, Sheffield Village, for innovations in microwave sensing for blade tip clearance and in the replacement of the 8×6 and 9×15 wind tunnels controls system, benefiting the aerospace industry.

Exceptional Administrative Achievement Medal: Monica M. Palivoda, Burton, for exceptional leadership and administrative services to the Glenn Research Center.

Susan A. Ritter, Brecksville, for exceptional achievement leading the administrative execution of the Space Flight Systems Directorate reorganization, elevating the standard for administrative excellence.

Exceptional Public Achievement Medal Douglas L. Lehota, Sheffield Lake, an employee of Science Application International Corp., for exceptional service and commitment to NASA’s electrical safety program resulting in lowering the safety risk to the Glenn Research Center workforce.

Douglas R. Pulling, Aurora, an employee of Vantage Partners LLC, for sustained performance supporting the Space Communication and Navigation (SCaN) Program as the Communications, Navigation and Networking reConfigurable Testbed Project Scheduler and as the SCaN Program Master Scheduler.

John A. Sexton, Bratenahl, an employee of ZIN Technologies Inc., for sustained exceptional achievement in leading the system integration and test activities for the Space Communication and Navigation Testbed.

Evan T. Wunderle, Parma, an employee of Wyle Information Systems LLC, for innovative conceptualization and design of the Automated Security Authorization Project at Glenn Research Center, resulting in substantial workflow and cost efficiencies.

Exceptional Public Service Medal: Christopher J. Blake, Brunswick, an employee of Booz Allen & Hamilton Inc., for exceptional public service to NASA’s cost estimating and analyses community on multiple projects and initiatives.

Gayle T. DiBiasio, Strongsville, an employee of Wyle Information Systems LLC, for sustained exceptional leadership and success in educating the public of NASA’s Mission and significantly improving NASA’s image through the use of cutting-edge multimedia.

Christine R. Gorecki, Hinckley, an employee of National Center for Space Exploration Research, for truly outstanding organizational contributions to NASA Exploration Technology Development and International Space Station research at the NASA Glenn Research Center.

Richard D. Rinehart, Cleveland, an employee of DB Consulting Group Inc., for outstanding efforts in advancing the center’s high-end computing and visualization capabilities, fostering multicenter collaborations, and promoting the agency and center.

Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal: Roy M. Sullivan, North Ridgeville, for contributions to the understanding of the underlying physics responsible for the high-temperature mechanical behavior of phenolic polymer composites.

Exceptional Service Medal: Timothy D. Best, Grafton, for technical excellence and distinguished performance in applying safety and mission assurance expertise and independent technical authority to reduce risk for Glenn Research Center space flight programs and projects.

Dan L. Bulzan, Rocky River, for exceptional technical expertise and leadership in developing low-emissions combustor technologies for aeronautics programs.

Daniel A. Catalano, Parma Heights, for exceptional service on the development of space flight hardware for NASA’s research initiatives.

Debra J. Deangelo, for exceptional service in managing institutional resources, using innovative techniques to maintain a center infrastructure that effectively serves the NASA mission.

Nancy R. Hall, North Ridgeville, for exemplary contributions to the Agency’s goal of promoting and educating America’s youth in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Sally V. Harrington, North Olmsted, for helping to enhance the public’s engagement with NASA and for contributing to our nation’s science literacy and a more inspired and informed society.

Robert S. Jankovsky, Brunswick, for exceptional engineering service to Glenn Research Center and NASA in support of in-space transportation.

Ralph H. Jansen, Westlake, for engineering accomplishments in the development of terrestrial flywheel energy storage systems.

Gregory H. Johnson, League City, Texas, for distinguished contributions to the nation’s Space Program as a pilot for the STS-123 and STS-134 missions.

Jerald J. Kennemuth, Willoughby, for many years of exceptional legal service to NASA in the areas of procurement, fiscal law, litigations and personnel management.

Thomas W. Kerslake, Strongsville, for exceptional knowledge of photovoltaic solar arrays and space power systems and a widely sought ability to apply this knowledge to solve problems for NASA missions.

Robert P. Lisy, Solon, in recognition of many professional and personal achievements in support of NASA and Glenn Research Center programs and projects.

Jesus M. Lopez, Vermillion, for exceptional service and outstanding performance machining and model-making of aeronautics and space flight hardware in support of NASA missions.

David H. Manzella, for continuous development of NASA electric propulsion technology, resulting in advanced propulsion capabilities to support NASA missions.

Phillip G. Neudeck, Olmsted Township, for exceptional service in developing revolutionary silicon carbide (SiC) devices and serving as Executive Chair for a world premier international SiC conference.

Mark G. Potapczuk, Bath Township, for significant and sustained performance in icing research and unusual initiative in international collaborations that have directly improved world-wide aviation safety.

Joseph E. Rossoll, for exceptional technical performance and commitment to customer satisfaction in support of the Testing Division, its experimental facilities and customers.

Rafael Sanabria, Strongsville, for 32 years of exceptional service and multiple contributions to NASA’s information technology and the safety and mission assurance communities.

Donald Swedinovich, Elyria, for successful management of Glenn Research Center’s utilities contracts and ongoing coordination of the central process systems utilization.

Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal: Steven M. Geng, for the successful design, analysis, fabrication and testing of a first-of-a-kind 2-kilowatt Stirling power conversion system with a pumped liquid metal heat source.

Nicholas J. Georgiadis, Westlake, for sustained leadership and successful development of the Wind-US Version 3.0 computational fluid dynamics code and technology transfer to external organizations.

Mary A. Meador, Strongsville, for innovation in developing polyimide aerogels and their fabrication methods to enable novel aerospace antenna concepts and new atmospheric re-entry materials systems.

Outstanding Leadership Medal: Michael J. Barrett, Strongsville, for exceptional and sustained leadership while serving as the Space Communication and Navigation Testbed Chief Engineer.

James M. Free, North Olmsted, for outstanding leadership in accomplishing the strategic goals for the NASA Glenn Research Center.

Tammy L. Harrington, Seven Hills, for outstanding leadership of the Exploration Technology Development Program and enabling its successful transition to the Office of the Chief Technologist.

William O. Hughes, Hudson, for outstanding and significant contributions to the design and building of the Crew Exploration Vehicle Space Environmental Testing Program’s Acoustic Facility.

Susan M. Kraus, for outstanding leadership in managing logistics and transportation services that have been critical to achieving agency objectives and program milestones.

Cheevon B. Lau, for outstanding leadership in audits, reviews and assessments of the agency safety and mission assurance requirements, leading to safe and successful missions and operations.

Mary J. Long-Davis, Aurora, for exceptional leadership in the advancement of supersonic and hypersonic air-breathing propulsion technologies.

Ann P. Over, Middleburg Heights, for outstanding leadership of the Communications, Navigation and Networking reConfigurable Testbed Project, a space station software-defined radio research facility that will revolutionize space communications and navigation.

Marla E. Perez-Davis, Strongsville, for outstanding leadership resulting in significant process improvements in the center Research and Technology Directorate and the center Aeronautics Research Office.

Lori O. Pietravoia, Euclid, for outstanding leadership in achieving results, serving as a role model, leading people and influencing change at the Glenn Research Center.

Robert J. Sefcik, Granger Township, for outstanding leadership and innovation in NASA’s cost estimating and analyses community on multiple projects and initiatives.

Silver Achievement Medal NASA Safety Center Information Dissemination Team, for outstanding contributions increasing agency awareness of NASA’s top safety issues: John M. Brinkman, Berea, an employee of ARES Corp. Sallie A. Keith, Lakewood Suzanne L. Otero, Cleveland Adam M. Porter, an employee of Alphaport Inc. Matthew S. Porter, Middleburg Heights, an employee of Alphaport Inc.

Senior Executive Service Appointments: Laurence A. Sivic, Broadview Heights, was appointed to the position of Chief Financial Officer.

Janet L. Watkins, Strongsville, was appointed to the position of Associate Director.

Fifty-five Year Service Award: Robert C. Hendricks, North Olmsted

Fifty-Year Service Award: Ernest Bertone, Broadview Heights

Forty-five Year Service Award: Robert C. Anderson Robert L. Cataldo Christos C. Chamis Marvin E. Goldstein Jeffrey H. Miles Lawrence J. Schroeder Jr.

Forty-Year Service Awards: Bradley J. Baker Robert E. Grossman, South Euclid Barbara B. Harris, Sagamore Hills Jesus M. Lopez, Vermillion Donald J. Ornick Jim Simek Donald Swedinovich Jr., Elyria Gary L. Wilder, North Ridgeville

Group Achievement Awards: Fifty members of the Advanced Stirling Convertor Early Development Team, for outstanding contributions to the early development of Stirling convertor technology for the next generation of radioisotope power systems for NASA science missions.

Eighty-three members of the CCE-LIMX Model Development and Test Team, for outstanding team effort in the successful completion of the 10×10-ft Supersonic Wind Tunnel test of the Combined-Cycle Engine Large-Scale Inlet Mode Transition Experiment.

One hundred ninety two members of the Communications, Navigation and Networking reConfigurable Testbed (CoNNeCT) Project Team, for outstanding achievement and dedicated service in successfully completing and delivering the CoNNeCT.

Fourteen members of the Glenn Research Center Badge Support Team, for outstanding team achievement to improve center badge operations, supporting the NASA goal of providing excellent institutional capability to enable mission success.

Fifteen members of the Glenn Research Center EVA Power Avionics and Software Desert Research and Technology Studies (RATS), for continued evaluation of advancements in power, avionics and software systems for human extra vehicular activity suits through the Desert RATS.

Fourteen members of the Glenn Research Center Proposal Support Team, for exceptional dedication and expertise in proposal support at Glenn.

Thirty-two members of the Icing Research Tunnel Group Achievement Award, for exceptional support of major facility modifications to replace the refrigeration plant and tunnel heat exchanger and for upgrading the Ovation Programmable Logic Controller.

Forty-four members of the Medical First Responder Team, for outstanding achievement to improve Glenn’s emergency medical response, supporting NASA’s goal of providing excellent institutional capability to enable mission success.

Seventy-six members of the NASA Glenn Automotive Technology Showcase, for planning and conducting an exemplary NASA Glenn Automotive Technology Showcase, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to accelerated transfer of technologies developed.

One hundred eight members of the NASA Glenn Technology Showcase, for exemplary performance in planning and conducting the NASA Glenn Technology Showcase, demonstrating an exceptional commitment to increase economic impact from investments.

Eight members of the NASA Near Earth Network Ka-Band Propagation Team, for the design, development, fabrication, installation and operational verification of the Near Earth Network Ka-Band Propagation Terminal at Svalbard, Norway.

Twenty-one members of the Non-Flow-Through Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Team, for highly successful development of a revolutionary new fuel cell system that will benefit future missions and also have a major impact on non-aerospace portable power systems.

Seventeen members of the Plum Brook Reactor Facility Decommissioning, for exceptional achievement to safely decommission the Nuclear Reactor at Plum Brook Station.

One hundred seventy-eight members of the Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) Testbed Development Team, for outstanding achievement in overcoming numerous technical, cost and schedule challenges in the development of the SCaN Testbed flight hardware and software.

One hundred sixteen members of the Space Environment Test (SET) Team, for dedication and contributions to the SET Project, resulting in a world-class NASA test facility to support space flight programs.

Forty-three members of the Three-Stream Nozzle Concepts Evaluation Team, for extraordinary effort on facility modifications and testing of three-stream nozzle concepts to deliver vital acoustic data to GE and Rolls-Royce within schedule and cost.

Below are the Center Award recipients, their hometowns and the award citations from the ceremony program.

Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers recognized four employees for satisfaction of NASA/Federation Aeronautique Internationale requirements for the Senior-Expert Level:

Vincent J. Bilardo, Bay Village John A. Hamley, Brunswick Susan M. Motil, Hinckley Ann P. Over, Middleburg Heights

NASA 50 years Honorees received recognition for 50 years of continuous service since the formation of NASA, October 1, 1958 to October 1, 2008:

Bernhard H. Anderson Richard H. Cavicchi Earl R. Hanes Robert C. Hendricks, North Olmsted

The Abe Silverstein Medal was awarded to Gary D. Roberts of Sharon Township, for contributions in the development of composite structural concepts for fan containment and lightweight rotocraft gear systems and for contributions to aviation safety.

The center’s most prestigious Craftsmanship Award was awarded to Walter A. Wozniak, for developing the processes, methods, fixtures and tooling that enabled the demonstration of the world’s first corrosion-immune, shockproof ball bearing.

The center’s most prestigious engineering award, the Steven V. Szabo Engineering Excellence Award, was presented to the Cryogenic Boil-Off Reduction System Engineering Team: Robert J. Christie, Olmsted Falls; Justin P. Elchert, Tiffin; Monica C. Guzik; Daniel Hauser, Medina; James L. Myers, an employee of Vantage Partners LLC; Dale A. Robinson, an employee of Vantage Partners LLC and Thomas M. Tomsik, Olmsted Falls. The team was recognized for creative and unique solutions for the design, analysis, fabrication, procurement, build-up and checkout of the test and facility hardware.

The Diversity Leadership Award was awarded to Nola L. Bland, Oberlin, for exemplary leadership, dedication to advancing diversity and commitment to excellence in service to others.

Mark A. Rebholz, Fairview Park, was named Procurement Person of the Year for performing extensive market research in order to set-aside procurements for small business, targeting specific socioeconomic categories in order to meet agency and center small business goals.

The High Ice Water Content Flight Services Team received the Technical Team of the Year award for efforts to select a small business to perform a highly challenging aircraft modification and atmospheric flight test program.

Team members included: Kurt S. Blankenship; Timothy M. Bober; Randy S. Clapper, Elyria; Renato O. Colantonio; Edward F. Emery; Timothy M. Gaydos; David T. Grantier, Granger Township; Karen K. Hughes, Avon Lake; Jerald J. Kennemuth, Willoughby; Thomas G. Kraft, Brunswick; Adabelle Narvaez-Legeza; Jeffrey A. Polack; Thomas P. Ratvasky; Paul A. Solano; Paul A. Steve and Peter M. Struk.

Teresa L. Monaco, Brook Park, was named Small Business Specialist of the Year for efforts to promote small business opportunities at Glenn and instructing the procurement and technical staff about small business issues.

Michael A. Cauley was named Small Business Program Person of the Year for efforts to seek out small businesses during market research in order to increase small business awards and to work with small businesses to help them understand NASA requirements.

Sierra Lobo Inc., was named Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year for work in supporting other small businesses and for subcontracting with another small business to contribute to NASA’s mission objectives.

ZIN Technologies Inc., was named Small Business Subcontractor of the Year for work in mentoring other small businesses to develop their capabilities, therefore providing additional quality support to NASA.

Aerojet General Corp. was named Large Business Prime Contractor of the Year for work in actively seeking to partner and subcontract with small businesses, meeting or exceeding their small business subcontracting goals, and the goals are reasonable for the type of work performed.

The Support Assistant/Clerical Award recognized six civil service, contract support service assistants and clerical personnel for exceptional performance:

Vanessa F. Easterling for outstanding contribution of support of the Aeropropulsion Division management in successful accomplishment of the division goals.

Kathryn M. Roser, Bay Village, for exceptional performance of duties and delivering a level of service exceeding expectations to the Chief Financial Organization and the Glenn Research Center.

Catherine Wilson, Parma, for dedication and enthusiastic support of the Power and in-Space Propulsion Division office for leading the effort to realign the division support.

Maryann Buswell, Elyria, an employee of SGT Inc., for developing a cohesive relationship with the Engineering Directorate while supporting branches under the Electrical Systems Division.

Kimberly Sivillo, Olmsted Township, an employee of SGT Inc., for accepting the administration work for the Aerospace Communications Systems Branch in addition to continuing to provide exemplary support to the Acoustics Branch.

Deborah Szczepinski, Brooklyn, an employee of SGT Inc., for exceptional paralegal support to the Office of Chief Counsel.

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