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NASA finalizes contract with United Space Alliance

By SpaceRef Editor
January 31, 2003
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NASA has settled negotiations that increase the value of
a two-year extension of the Space Flight Operations Contract
(SFOC) held by United Space Alliance, LLC, in Houston, by
$59.91 million.

NASA’s exercising of the two-year SFOC extension, which
supports the Space Shuttle Program, was previously announced
in August 2002 with negotiations continuing. This final
agreement on price, terms, conditions and scope of work for
the contract, through Sept. 30, 2004, brings the total value
of the two-year contract extension to $2.90 billion.

The SFOC is NASA’s prime contract for support of the Space
Shuttle and provides operations services for the
International Space Station. The effort under this contract
entails the provision of space flight operations including
all work necessary and appropriate to support scheduled space
flight missions through the two-year period. This is a cost
reimbursement contract with award fee, incentive fee and
performance fees.

The principal places of performance of work under this
contract are United Space Alliance facilities in Houston,
Huntsville, Ala., the Kennedy Space Center, Fla.; and major
subcontractor facilities in Huntington Beach, Calif.,
Houston, and Cape Canaveral, Fla.

SpaceRef staff editor.