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NASA Chief Scientist to visit Langley Research Center

By SpaceRef Editor
November 12, 2013
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NASA Chief Scientist to visit Langley Research Center

NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan will visit Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., on Nov. 13 to tour the facility and talk with employees.

Stofan will be available to meet with local media to discuss the impact of NASA Earth and space science research on the Langley community, and how this research is a critical element in the agency’s long-term science and exploration roadmap.

News media representatives who would like to talk with Stofan should contact Michael Finneran in the NASA Langley Office of Communications at (757) 864-6110 or email him at

While at Langley, Stofan will visit a supersonic wind tunnel, and be briefed on airborne aeronautics and science projects in Langley’s aircraft hangar. She will also be briefed on nanomaterials, computational materials, and the non-destructive evaluation of structures and materials.

Stofan became NASA’s chief scientist in August of 2013. As principal science advisor to the NASA administrator, she is responsible for maximizing a scientific portfolio that literally spans the universe. Her own research has covered the geology of Earth, Venus, Mars and Titan, which is a moon of Saturn.

The roadmap includes plans to identify, redirect and send human explorers to an asteroid, maximize the International Space Station as a platform for ground-breaking Earth and space science research, optimize future deep space exploration vehicles to carry spacecraft to the outer solar system in half the time, and eventually to place the first human footsteps on Mars.

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