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NASA Calls for Commercial Suborbital Flight Services Proposals

By SpaceRef Editor
May 26, 2011
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NASA Calls for Commercial Suborbital Flight Services Proposals

NASA is seeking proposals for services from commercial suborbital flight providers and payload integrators to support the agency’s Flight Opportunities Program, which is part of NASA’s Office of the Chief Technologist.

NASA will award contracts to multiple vendors capable of providing payload integration and flight services on commercial suborbital reusable launch vehicles. The flights will carry a variety of payloads to help meet the agency’s technology and innovation goals enabling future missions and benefiting America’s commercial aerospace industries.

“Partnering with U.S. suborbital reusable launch vehicle providers for integration of technology payloads and launch services is an effective way to use the innovations of American industry while meeting the technology development needs of the nation’s space program,” said NASA Chief Technologist Bobby Braun at the agency’s headquarters in Washington.

NASA’s Office of Chief Technologist intends to mature crosscutting technologies to flight readiness status for future space missions. As part of this strategy, NASA will provide frequent flight opportunities for payloads on suborbital reusable launch vehicles capable of flying to various altitudes, including above 62 miles, but not reaching low-Earth orbit.

Each successful vendor will receive an indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract. This request for proposals is a continuation of efforts aligned with the NASA Authorization Act of 2010, with funding provided by the fiscal year 2011 Continuing Resolution.

The Flight Opportunities Program is managed at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center in Edwards, Calif. It combines the Facilitated Access to the Space environment for Technology and Commercial Reusable Suborbital Research efforts.

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