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NASA Awards Contracts for Constellation Program Study

By SpaceRef Editor
July 26, 2006
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NASA Awards Contracts for Constellation Program Study

NASA has awarded a 90-day study contract to four space-related companies to separately examine long-term ground processing and infrastructure planning for the agency’s Constellation Program.

The contractor teams are expected to provide a wealth of knowledge and experience during the study phase to support ground systems and operations planning through 2030, including missions supporting the International Space Station, lunar exploration and Mars exploration.

Contract awardees are: ATK Launch Systems Group, Corrine, Utah; Boeing Space Operations Co., Titusville, Fla.; Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, Littleton, Colo., and United Space Alliance, Houston. The awards are limited to $150,000 per contract.

Study recommendations will be considered in NASA’s Kennedy Space Center’s planning for the Ares I crew launch vehicle, Ares V cargo launch vehicle operations and crew exploration vehicle processing. The contracts, which should be completed in October, were awarded in response to the Constellation ground operations Broad Agency Announcement Request for Proposal issued in April.

“NASA’s intent is to include industry in our planning phase to get a broad perspective of ground operations, especially for the long-term,” said Pepper Phillips, deputy director of the Constellation Project Office at Kennedy. “These four companies will provide several possible solutions to the same challenges, which we expect to benefit our planning. Selecting ground processing and launch concepts are long-term commitments and we want to consider all options.”

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