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NASA Asks All Stennis and Michoud Employees to Check in

By SpaceRef Editor
September 3, 2005
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NASA Asks All Stennis and Michoud Employees to Check in

NASA is asking all Hurricane Katrina- affected employees to contact the space agency. Employees from NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi and Michoud Assembly Facility near New Orleans sought safety in locations across the country before the storm hit Monday. In order to determine locations and physical status, NASA would like Stennis and Michoud employees to call this toll free number:


Or, if available, check in on the Web at:

So far, there have been no reports of injuries to any NASA or contractor employees.

Stennis Space Center:

* Plans are being made to relocate the approximately 800 displaced people taking refuge at the center to better hurricane relief shelters early next week

* Clothes, cots and laundry supplies are being sent to Stennis from other NASA locations to make conditions at the site a little more comfortable

* Additional medical personnel and more supplies are heading to the center Sunday

* Plans are in place to rotate key people, including medical personnel, into Stennis to provide relief to workers who have been there since the storm hit

* The meteorology team at NASA’s Johnson Space Center is helping provide weather updates for Stennis since forecasting data there is limited

Michoud Assembly Facility:

* Personnel there are working on limited repairs to the facility

* Supplies are being brought into Michoud at regular intervals

* Access to the facility remains only by helicopter or boat since the surrounding roadways are flooded or damaged. The docks at Michoud are operational.

NASA’s toll free telephone number for family members seeking information about people sheltering at Stennis and Michoud or for help trying to locate employees who work at either facility is:


NASA has established a public Web site to convey important contact information to NASA employees and contractors impacted by Katrina and for general public information at:

For Stennis/Michoud updates and images on the Web, visit:

Members of the public who have general questions about NASA’s Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts can call:


NASA can also take e-mail inquiries from the public about general storm recovery activities. Use “Assistance – Katrina” in the subject line, and send to:

For recorded updates about NASA relief operations, call:


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